Nudists fight National Park Service nude beach ban by getting naked

When Marianna Grace visited Fire Island as a kid, she remembers shuddering at the sight of nudists letting it all hang out at Lighthouse Beach — which at the time looked completely outrageous to the sheltered youngster, who dubbed it “Freak Beach.”


“I always thought, ‘It’s so weird, why would people do that?’ ” says the 35-year-old office manager from Jackson Heights.

Twenty years later, she’s letting her freak flag fly.

“I personally don’t go to regular beaches anymore — it’s close to my heart,” she says, having shed her inhibitions — and her clothes — five years ago after she reluctantly joined a friend there.


The naturist — a fancy term for a self-identifying naked person — warmed to Lighthouse Beach, the pristine stretch of clothing-optional sand 500 feet away from the Fire Island lighthouse. Here, she found friendly folks without judgment.

She thought she had found a new home.

That is, until the National Park Service put the kibosh on nude bathing at Lighthouse Beach last year.


But that’s not stopping Grace from going back again. She’s been at the forefront of the grassroots movement against the ban on naked discrimination called “Save Lighthouse Beach,” which is backed by the Naturist Action Committee, a national organization.Ostensibly, the ban is about enforcing decency — now that the curtain is lifted, Lighthouse tourists are exposed to the nudists several hundred feet away.

But that’s not stopping Grace from going back again. She’s been at the forefront of the grassroots movement against the ban on naked discrimination called “Save Lighthouse Beach,” which is backed by the Naturist Action Committee, a national organization.

“It’s not like it was obscene, hedonistic culture,” argues Grace. “There were pockets of that, but it wasn’t the norm. My group of friends, we were pretty vigilant.”

She adjusts her sarong, which is slipping south of the border, before adding, “Just because we’re naked doesn’t mean we’re lewd.”

Last Saturday, hundreds of nudists turned out on the shore — some in semi-private camps partitioned off by makeshift curtains, others completely nude or in barely-there bottoms.

Their numbers include a teacher, a police officer, a high-powered lawyer and a Hasidic man named Jon — all of whom declined to be interviewed because of professional reasons.

“My family raised me as a naturist,” says Felicity Jones, a 26-year-old from Long Island City, who showed her support — and her skin — in the wake of the ban.

“There was encouragement for people to go — to show we want our beach back,” she says, in her full splendor. “I’ve never been political before, but this is my whole life philosophy — it’s unjust!”

Why shut down a party that’s been running peacefully for over a century? Since the later 1800s, Lighthouse Beach was a democratic safe haven for nudists of all stripes — including the elderly, straight, gay and, yes, even kids.

But according to a 25-page report released by the National Park Service in February last year, there’s been a recent spike in “lewd, lascivious and voyeuristic behavior, as well as an increase in suspected prostitution, drug use and assaults” at Lighthouse Beach.

Activists deny the claims made in the report, which are based on anonymous law enforcement sources and multiple keyword searches on Craigslist.

“All it is, is hearsay,” says Bob Morton, executive director of the Naturist Action Committee. “It’s inflammatory, but not backed up by any evidence.”

“They never bothered to hold hearings or ask for comments to let [the nudists] know where they’re coming from,” he adds.

When asked for comment, the Park Service declined to elaborate on the report.

Chief ranger Duane Michael acknowledges it’s been a rough road in the post-nude transition, noting that rangers there “routinely still write tickets for public nudity,” which come with a $250 fine, adding that “dealing with these issues throughout the summer are not single-digit [transgressions].”

To get around tickets, most nudists now wear what’s known as a c-patch — a small, paper-thin pouch that covers the genitals but nothing else. (Topless women are protected by state law.)

“Most guys and girls wear a sheer one,” says Grace.

And to show they’re here to stay, nudists are now fanning out from their previously contained sections and spilling onto surrounding family-friendly public beaches.

“Women are going topless in front of the concession stand,” says Eddie C., a 42-year-old naturist entrepreneur from Franklin Square, LI, and a 10-year Lighthouse Beach veteran. “The NPS made it worse!”

For Susan Rothberg, a 54-year-old tax accountant from Lindenhurst, LI, the nudist experience at Lighthouse Beach is far from a perverted pickup scene.

On a recent weekend, Rothberg had schlepped a cart overflowing with Chips Ahoy! and other snacks she had picked up at Waldbaum’s to the beach in a nod to its communal spirit.

New York Post

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Japan in the ’20s, hundreds of women dived naked in search of oysters and pearls. With an enviable breath, they came to stay more than two minutes under water, even during the winter. Called Amas, these women were recorded by  Iwase Yoshiyuki  in your Kodak. Photographs are one of the only records of this ancient profession that became extinct a few decades later.



Using an eye mask and special slippers, women and girls, also known as mermaids, braved the seas for the entire Japanese coast. The reason they do this naked? While wetsuits not arrived in the country until 1950, cotton clothing hindered diving, and are uncomfortable when wet and is slow to dry.

2 minutes each dive in search of oysters was interspersed with short periods of respite. The marathon was made up to 60 times per day. Any effort, however, is paid. Within a few weeks of work, a nanny could more money than an ordinary man who worked for a year.

The men, moreover, seldom participated search for oysters. It was believed that a woman’s body as it contains more fat, was more appropriate to control breathing and low temperatures. Embark on this journey in real time with photos of Iwase Yoshiyuki below:


j3 j4 j5 j6 j7




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Double photography captures the essence of the tribe in Sudan

 The photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher  have an experience of over 30 years of record of ceremonies, rituals and daily lives of African tribal peoples, which made ​​his images reflect a long and deep relationship of respect with the customs and people of these tribes, especially the Dinka, the Sudan

Contemplate these images is as if we open a window to the past, observing traces of a rich and fascinating culture of a beautiful people, who values ​​the custom of their ancestors as a way to look to the future, leaving us amazed and hoping that these tribes never disappear, because we certainly have a lot to learn from them, see some of the extraordinary records of photographers:










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Buff naked guy sells luxury real estate

A buff, naked guy wakes, pads lithely through his luxury home, works out, swims, and makes coffee, all while still nude. Some might call it soft pornography, but for PlatinumHD Provid, an Australian marketer of high end homes, it’s just another way to sell real estate.


The 2.23 minute video, for private beachfront home 92 Savoy Drivefeatures well known Australian model Ryan Burke showing off his own…assets. Burke is nude during the entire video, though frontal nudity is cleverly camouflaged by a sink, a staircase or a weight bench. A nude woman sleeps face down on a sofa while Burke undertakes his morning ritual, but she’s merely an accessory on the scene. At the close of the video, Burke, still nude, answers the door to a fully clothed man – presumably a realtor – who hands him a pair of pants and then, addressing the camera, extols the privacy of the luxury home.

PlatinumHD Provid must know what it’s doing. The home, valued at about $2,185,000, sold after just 3,800 hits to the video. But we wonder how many of those were repeat viewers, keen to get one more look at Burke’s chiseled real estate.

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No Clothes Allowed at This Beer Fest

Sure, there are countless beer festivals happening everywhere, all of the time.


And while most present the same sort of scene — tables, taps, brewery reps and crowds of enthusiastic and thirsty beer nerds lining up to grab a glass-full of the latest and greatest suds — here’s one that’s so out of the ordinary that it’s in a class all its own.

And that’s because it requires its guests to doff their duds before entering.

Yeah, you read that right. Nudity is a requirement for Sunny Rest Resort’s annual beer festival, which this year takes place on Saturday, June 28, 1 — 5 PM.

You’re free to wear a robe, towel or even pants and a shirt elsewhere at this clothing-optional vacation getaway in Pennsylvania’s Poconos, but on site of the annual brew fest, only birthday suits will be tolerated.


Here’s the flyer for the event. We have a feeling the clientele will look slightly different than what they’re depicting.

Tickets are $16 in advance, and $18 the day of the festival. Along with entry to the beer fest and unlimited samples from breweries near and far, the ticket includes a free day’s admission to Sunny Rest Resort. Fest goers can also take advantage of discounts on rooms and campsites. The after-party festivities, which also require nudity, take place at the resort’s Streakers Bar and Flashers Nightclub.

If you go, pack light and don’t forget the high SPF sunscreen.

Photo: Courtesy Sunny Rest Resort

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Nudity no longer naughty in Munich

One of Germany’s largest cities has legalised public nudity


Germany’s third largest city, Munich, has legalised public nudity by introducing six designated nudist zones.

Since last autumn – when statewide laws stopping nude sunbathing expired – the issue of public nudity has been debated in the city.

It has now been decided that nudists are officially welcome to strip.

The six designated nudist areas are not fenced off or hidden away, although their location in parkland grants them a degree of privacy.

One nudist zone is situated in a main tourist spot along a stream, which is barely 10 minutes away from Munich’s main square.


Public nudity in Munich has gone on for years, and it is common to see people walking around unclothed in several spots in the city, such as the Englischer Garten, and various spots along the Isar River.

Nudity is not restricted to Munich; the practice is common across Germany, where the first naturist beach was set up back in 1920.

The country is famed for its love of all activities that involve FKK – Freikörperkultur (Free Body Culture, or plain nudity to you and me), said Telegraph Travel writer Adrian Bridge, who reported on the Naked Sledding World Championship held in the spa town of Braunlage recently.

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Adam knew Eve

The new Reality show on RTL 5 put totally naked competitors are doing successfully in the Netherlands.


 Adam Zoekt Eve (“Adam knew Eve”) puts competitors on a paradise island near Panama without clothes. Men and women have become acquainted, aiming know “true love”.

According to the producers, the basic premise is that “the best way to know the love of our life is present ourselves in the purest state, without clothes.” 

Check out the video  Adam Zoekt Eva


Happy 50th Birthday British Naturism!

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of British Naturism (BN), the UK’s national organisation for Naturism.  It’s going to be a busy year, with special events – and we’re already looking forward to the next 50!


2014 marks the 50th anniversary of British Naturism (BN), the UK’s national organisation for Naturism. It’s going to be a busy year, with special events – and we’re already looking forward to the next 50!

Back in 1964, British Naturism was formed by a merger of the British Sunbathing Association and the Federation of British Sun Clubs who realised that one strong national organisation presented far more opportunities than having two separate bodies with similar purposes and aims.

Today, BN is a vibrant national organisation which promotes the amazing, healthy and liberating Naturist lifestyle, enjoyed by millions of people in the UK. As well as promoting the undeniable benefits of healthy social nudity, which encourage wellbeing, a positive body image and boost confidence, BN also works hard to campaign for greater acceptance of our way of life. Our campaigns have tackled some serious issues, such as the increase in prudery, orchestrated by a vocal minority, which impact on us and which can also affect many in society at large.

Across the UK we’ve got a variety of great events and there’s truly something for everyone, from the nervous newcomer to the seasoned ‘old hand’ – We’re especially encouraging people who have never tried Naturism to get out there and give it a go. Never before have there been so many exciting ways to get involved and we know that when people experience it for themselves they love it – in fact many Naturists cite their first experience as ‘life-changing’ and throw away their swimming costumes for good!