Nudism is synonymous with prejudice?

The afternoon is magnificent.

The sun shines and radiates throughout the extensive beach. Aimed at a nudist beach, calm reigns and sound waves. People expose the naked body to strong sunlight.

For those who advocate the natural habits, this is an image that exudes welfare. Rather than stripping the clothes, practicing nudist would be synonymous with stripping prejudices. But not quite. Who loves the rides’ tail aimlessly ‘beaches also like to criticize their colleagues’ rabiosques summer.

Ellen Woodall, an anthropologist at the University of Florida, USA, studied the behavior of the beautiful nudist beaches of Miami. The analysis revealed that people tend to have a behavior similar to what’s on the day to day. Sexual problems, social, gossip about weight, sagging and increase the ‘personal gifts “are the delight of the conversations among nudists.

With or without clothes, the topics of matter are the same. “The nudists always consider themselves progressives, but the practice of nudism failed to proclaim the ideal that everyone is treated equally, regardless of social position or body shape”, criticizes the researcher.

In fact, over 15 years of practice of nudism, says Ellen is a true connoisseur of the medium. For this particular study, the anthropologist worked in a nudist park for two summers.

In practice, Ellen found a bit of everything. “I watched the formation of cliques, or men who said they enjoyed with the obesity of certain women, women who mocked the size of sexual organs of a man, sexual comments and sexual harassment – all activities that could be witnessed in society.

Ellen presents this work as a study, but the conclusions seem pure critical values touted by naturists. According to the author, nudism has evolved since the 20s, the United States, when the parks appeared as a reciprocating motion which yielded annually about 400 million dollars.

Despite his desire to open social nudism also started to apply the same social rules and social discrimination in everyday life. According to the author, most practitioners are white, middle class and well educated. “The participants are not a representation of the entire American society ‘, ensures the researcher. He concludes: “People practice nudism because they consider a release, but the movement is fairly based on tradition.”

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