The Naked Office

The Naked Office (pic: Virgin 1)


SOMEONE must have thought this had potential because after a one-off last July it’s back for a full series. If we can get naked in front of our colleagues, argues behavioural change expert Seven Suphi, we can do anything.

Tonight organic fruit and veg delivery company The Farmshed is in need of team-building advice. But the Wigan workforce isn’t bowled over by Suphi’s plans to peel off. Office admin assistant Eileen has only been in the job two weeks – did they tell her what they had in mind at the interview?

Tantrums and tears follow – and a fair amount of innuendo. Plummeting temperatures hardly help.

But when Eileen reveals her alter ego almost everyone is inspired. Almost.

Possibly mindful of claims about exploiting women, the camera is, for once, more interested in men. Glamorous Suphi stays clothed throughout, of course.

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