Portuguese Naturist prefer Spain

The number of naturists in Portugal is increasing, but supply of services and infrastructure does not follow this trend, prompting many tourists to opt for Spain and other European countries, accuses the Portuguese Naturist Federation. “Compared to last year, we have more subscribers naturists”, but the hotel supply and other specific services is scarce, told Lusa the president of the Portuguese Naturist Federation, Rui Martins. Despite the beautiful beaches and landscapes, Portugal “has no known, or wanted to invest in infrastructure that might entice some 20 million Europeans and 40 million Americans naturists,” laments the Federation.

Estimates of the International Naturist Federation indicate that these tourists spend an average of thousand euros on holiday, which represents a considerable economic potential. Given the lack of conditions, many choose to enjoy Portuguese holiday in Spain, where “there are hotels, ‘resorts’, campsites and a large amount of infrastructure naturists”, says the head of the Federation, Rui Martins. As for supply in Portugal is still lower than last year.

One of the two existing parks fully naturist (Fifth of Olives in Oliveira do Hospital) is in danger of closing due to the imposition of rules such as the separation of showers. “This may be necessary in other campsites, but we naturists makes no sense. In no European country does this happen,” said Rui Martins. The only gym Portuguese Naturist also closed doors and the pool of Penha de France, in Lisbon, no longer has time naturists at the end of last year. Federation president hopes, however, that the Board of Lisbon is available to start over with a new schedule starting in October. The development of naturist tourism is one of the themes highlighted in the III Iberian Meeting of naturism, which takes place between 13 and August 18 in Mount naturist “The Baron”

DN Portugal

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