The freedom to get undressed

Naturism, nudism, hairless.

The name varies, but the feeling is the same: get undressed, at will, an experience so powerful that captivates many people around the planet.In Germany, where the practice originated as a health therapy, heliotherapy – sunbathing in the nude body to combat various diseases – are more than 2 million practitioners.

In Brazil, there are 250 000 registered supporters. For the psychoanalyst Terezinha Mendonça, PhD in social sciences and president of the Institute for the Study of Complexity, it is a practical political sense. “Naturists aims to break with certain standards of conduct, recovering a more spontaneous way of our ability and expressive gestures. They seek to free themselves of the burden imposed by the cult of the perfect body,” she says.

 But for Pedro Ribeiro, president of the Naturist Beach of apricot, near Rio de Janeiro, comfort matters, too. “The feeling is great the naturist welfare. It’s a relief not to have clothes pressing any body part.”

Uma consideração sobre “The freedom to get undressed”

  1. who wants to wear clothing in Brazillian heat & humidity alone much less dry heat or just plain warm outside IE clothes stick to your body etc Ick

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