Nudist Women


If you want to feel silly, try asking a naked coed how it feels to have her breast exposed. You have to explain yourself a lot. “I mean, how does it feel knowing ‘they’re out there’ for everyone to see?” “You want me to talk about my breasts, don’t you?” “No, I want you to talk about how it feels to have them out…”

In the end it’s not an entirely hopeless process, and you do learn something. For example, they like feeling the sun between their legs especially when a breeze comes along. Or feeling the water touch them “directly” when they swim. Is it titillating? (Why doesn’t no one want to say it’s titillating?) “Yes, it’s exciting, if that’s what you mean.” Arousing? “Yes, you can say that.”

When naked interviewing a girl how she feels about being naked leads to circular conversations that in the end lead me to believe we pretty much have the same experiences when practicing nudism. It is arousing to mingle naked, to walk around fully disrobed, to lie naked on a beach towel with eyes closed knowing we’re fully vulnerable to being viewed head-to-toe.

Conclusion: How does it feel to practice nudism in large mixed groups? Pretty exciting.

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