French nudism

Vivre La France


The Germans may have put FKK nudism on the map, but the French taught the world how to combine a sensual lifestyle with the practice of “body freedom” in undeniable good taste and fashion. French nudism is an epicurean experience that involves not just simple nudity, but stylish nudity–how a French woman can add dazzle to her already fit physique (obesity does not yet reign in Europe like it does in the U.S.) with a chic ornament of jewelry or designer shades is a mystery that works. They’re the only nudists who look dressed for the cocktail hour in the nude.

Name your desired experience and they have a place for it, from camping sites (Le Cote de l’Herme a favorite, located on seventeen woody acres at the top of a hill) to Cap d’Agde, the world premiere nudist village where nudity is mandatory regardless of age. From arrival to departure you shop, sun bath, dine (except for dinner where most wear light attire) in the nude. When is the last time you were in a grocery store completely naked? Probably in a dream.

The Mecca for the jet-set, wannabes and of course Bono is St. Tropez, a dazzling spectable on the Mediterranean rising from humble routes. Put on the front page by Brigitte Bardot, it’s where topless sunbathing began, and where on select beaches total nudity reigns. The mix of Europeans generally, and Scandinavian teens particularly, is stunning. Think you suck-in your gut now on a beach? Wait until you wander the sands of St. Tropez.

Nudism overall is a wonderful way to spend some wholesome, sensuous time in the nude with mixed company, age- and gender-wise. In France it rises to a new level of sensuality that defies my vocabulary. Suffice to say, Vivre la France! and leave it there.




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  1. Don’t get me wrong as it’s not my intention to criticize gratuitously but I do have a problem with certain assumptions you make in this post. As an european visiting naturist beaches and resorts in France, I find your association of naturism and sensuality borderline offensive."Sensual lifestyle" states that nude people are behaving in such a way as to titillate or, at the very least, to seek exhibitionist thrills. That’s not my experience in France at all. In fact, as a father of a toddler, I would never consider vacations is such an environment. Sex has its place, of course. But not as a sensual experience on a naturist resort.When you speak about lower obesity rates, you’re again painting a picture of sensuality, invoking the fantasy of a standard beautiful or pleasant body shape. Not only you are discriminating people that don’t fit that formula, you’re also stating that a less than perfect body (according to media and publicity standards) wouldn’t feel at ease in a french naturist environment. If that was the case, I would hardly call the place "naturist". It’s just dead wrong to make that assumption. Naturists, including french naturists, come in all shapes and sizes, ages, amount of hair or lacking limbs. This includes ladies who had mastectomies, people with huge abdominal scars, people in wheelchairs. People who are fat. People who are thin. People who are ugly according to the media. People who are beautiful, according to the media. I would just leave it and call them "people".Then you mention Cap d’Agde. The place is regarded by many as a non naturist place and I wholeheartedly agree. I understand that the concept of a naked city can trigger the imagination of americans if such a place isn’t available in your continent. Nevertheless, Cap d’Agde is regarded by most naturists as the place you go to to be naked, not to be a naturist. In fact, as you mention it, decorative jewelry can and detracts from the natural principle of naturism, bringing attention to specific body parts that should be treated like any other body part. Cap d’Agde is well known for the swinging lifestyle and sexual clubs, two things one cannot identify with naturism at all.Places like La Jenny, Aquitaine (, explicitly forbid genital piercings for exactly the same reason. And this is in France too. And they are not alone in their thinking too. Thousands of naturists take their children there because they are sure it’s a real naturist place.Mind you: I’m glad places like Cap d’Agde exist. They allow people who are into alternative sexual lifestyles to move away from the family oriented naturist places. It’s horses for courses, really. But let’s not call it naturism otherwise, people like the thousands sharing the places I go to need another substantive for what we do. What I dislike is seeing people looking for cheap (or expensive) thrills getting into our european naturist places. I can certify you that most places in France are family oriented and the slightest hint of sexual innuendo, sensual behavior (as you put it) or any gesture that raises concern about what our children see is not only highly frowned upon but also will most most likely get you evicted.Overall, I think it’s a disservice to naturism trying to mix elements which simply – and in the particular reality of France – don’t blend at all.

  2. This is why I want to go to Cap D Agde 2 be nude everyplace (save PM dinner time hour etc) NOT for swinging, dating & dancing Yes.

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