Nudism in Home

It Begins At Home

As regulars to our nudist sites know, we treat home nudism with special attention. It’s where “Body Freedom” begins in earnest, in families that don’t mind seeing other naked, which seems to be the dominant case in Europe. On it’s beaches and at community pools, nudity is common among all age groups.

In the US home “nudism” isn’t really a movement, but a useful label for describing the effect of loose nudity around the house. A backyard pool is a natural habitat for skinny dipping, and pictures of families and teens enjoying au natural bathing are both wholesome and somewhat exciting–being naked for some reason does that to people. There’s a childlike giddiness to it, so why not enjoy?

No matter how you feel about communal nudism (mix gender, all-ages nudists), it is gaining popularity all around you, from shore to shimmering shore. The evidence is in the pictures. Enjoy.

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