Nudist Lovers

Amorous Couples Without Suits &
Mild Tumescence

Nudist Sex

Okay, it’s a fairly interesting topic. Expressive couples on textile beaches is a somewhat normal scene. Young lovers tend to be all touchy-feely in general, and swimwear tends to heighten their desire to exhibit their fondness for each other. It can be a significant problem for boys and men wearing tight-fitting suits. Why do you think males spend so much time sunning their backs?

Strip off the bathing suits and the challenge for men reaches Olympic proportions. Speaking personally, any contact with a nude female guarantees an elemental response. In public this response is faster than warp drive. So how do you cope with a touchy-feely mate when on a public nude beach? What I’m beginning to notice is no one seems to care anymore about their relative states of tumescence. A few years ago you almost never saw any sort of erectile function on nudist men. Now it seems no one really minds.

Maybe that’s a good thing, as after all, erections are a fairly natural thing. I’m not talking about howlers here, just that sort of half fullness that’s a kick-start response to any form of touching, intimate or simply getting a sun-baked back massage. Due the volume of mail that directly addresses the question, “What do I do if I get an erection,” the answer may now be, “Nothing. It’s normal.”

As you’ll note increasingly in nudist photography, mild tumescence has entered the mainstream, sort of like when Playboy first published photos featuring pubic hair. Not exactly the same, but you know what we mean.


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