Nudist Florida

The Recession Hasn’t Been All Bad

 From Haulover Beach to South Beach (admittedly not that far) over to the western shorelines, nudism is popping up where expected but also on traditional textile beaches. Look to the fringes of normally suits-only beaches and you’ll occasionally see topless or nudist activity and lots of senior men doing the “walk.” You know what we mean.

Florida teens barely give a second thought to an impromptu skinny-dip or casually changing on the beach, from street clothes to bathing suits, or sometimes to nothing at all. A coed familiar with the South Beach scene recently made news for skipping her top on the Hollywood shoreline–not for being reprimanded by authorities, but for not being cited by them.

“Budget cuts and fewer personnel mean we have to be selective in enforcing the law.” said one Broward Country official.

At least the recession has produced some benefits. If people get accustomed to topless and nude sunbathing in Florida, a tourist Mecca, it may spread to the rest of the nation.

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