Austalian nudist beach

Samurai Beach, Australia

Nudist Australia

Avid “beach” photographer Christina Beckett is a regular on Australian beaches, and is fond of their no-holds-barred approach to nudism. “Australians are the least inhibited people I know, nude or otherwise. When you meet them naked on a beach it’s the same atmosphere you get a bar, all matey, gregarious, fun. You forget you’re standing there without a stitch on. Body “style” is irrelevant. Everyone is there to have a good time.”

Home to the annual nude Olympics (the three-legged race is particular entertaining), Samurai Beach is serious about its sun worshiping party atmosphere, though remains family friendly.

From America, Beckett’s unique perspectives and lenses reveal a side of Australia not often found in the tourist literature–the bare side.

Amateur Nudist Photography

Point and shoot. Nudist photography is a great hobby.


family nudist photography
A lot of people ask how nudist photography is generated. Aren’t they shy of cameras when nude? Or is a nude beach a cacophony of clicking cameras? Not really. In fact, you seldom see a lone photographer angling for victims, Nikon burdened voyeurs behind palm trees, or professional teams extracting digital pixels from nubile sun bathers.

But you do see a lot of vacationers capturing their holiday moments with all sorts of photographic gear and video. And sure, when they’re not capturing family or friends, they may be taking in broad views of the nudist scene, which on public beaches is public property. Teens in particular are fond of photographing each other. There is no mystery deciphering the appeal.

It’s my experience that very few subjects object strenuously to having their nude picture taken. As with any hobby, show respect. If someone is uncomfortable or gives you the shove-off, let it go.

But most will just give you smile, while quickly adjusting their posture.

Wierd Nudism

What The Hell?

Our photo editors occasionally receive (every day) stuff supposedly in the nudist realm but we look at it and then say “well, then we’re not nudists.” We’re not shy about discussing, and featuring, sensual nudism, nor our fascination with teen nudism, which we think epitomizes naked human beauty. But pierced genitalia, or with “cock rings” such as above, the message becomes muddled. Body Freedom is one thing, but this guy may as well have had arrows tattooed on his torso pointing to his junk. This isn’t nudism. It’s advertising.

Hey, we’re not prudes. Nor are we offended. But when someone sends in their “nudist” snaps and this is what we see, we think “swinger” resort, where Body Freedom is an afterthought. Still, no problem here. So the issue is really just truth in labeling. So, you went to an adult swinger’s resort and took some pictures on the nude beach. Okay, we know we’ve got categories for that, it isn’t mainstream, but tangentially it’s part of the scene, in a small way, in some places. Why not?

Our real question is, what about airport security?

Urban Nudists

Hot Down Nudists In The City

One of my sexiest summers was spent in New York City. Forget the beaches. On a typical summer day in New York there’s more “nudist” activities on rooftops than you’ll find on most U.S. shorelines. Armed with Bushnell High Powered Surveillance binoculars, it was a done-deal. Forget the city’s sights–I was addicted.

And I’m not your typical Peeping Tom. I respect other’s privacy. But in New York, privacy is a luxury. If you look out your window at night you’ll witness a circus of human activity in all forms of dress. When the temperature reaches the nineties, and the humidity becomes a pea-soup of indignation, there’s not much else to do other than strip down and try to get comfortable. Night or day, rooftops are the place to be, and everyone’s invited.

There’s something intriguing about nudity in the city. It’s unexpected, but then again, there’s no other choice. New York, San Francisco, Vancouver and Chicago all have “nude” beaches in the city limits, but they’re nothing compared to the rooftop activity that begins with the morning dry-off in the sun after a shower. When the real baking begins, people submit, and don’t care how much their meager attempts at privacy fail. I’ve had beautiful women wave a friendly hello. I wave back a “thank you for sharing”. It’s is friendly, and there’s no shame in being caught.

The next time you’re in the big city in summer, don’t look up. Go somewhere high and look down. You’ll enjoy the view.

Facebook for 21st Century Nudists

The rules for Skinbook are clear: No pornographic images or headless torso shots.

Don’t leave sleazy comments under people’s photos. Boot out any “creeps and voyeurs,” as site executives call them, who manage to make it past the vetting process for new members. is a U.K.-based website that proudly touts itself as the Net’s only genuine nudist social network. Skinbook capitalizes on users’ familiarity with Facebook-style member profiles, messages, forums and groups. Except that, unlike on Facebook, everyone’s naked.


British Geeks pose naked

A group of aficionados by technology and entrepreneurs of the sector in London posou naked for a calendar whose income of the sales will be reverted for a charity institution. The group was congregated for the photos thanks to the initiative of Milo Yiannopoulos, a writer specialized in technology, that affirmed that it wanted to finish with the idea of that enterprising it sector is ” geeks (aficionados for technology) that they are not atraentes”. ” Somebody suggested the idea, but as a joke, and I thought ‘ why not? ‘ A perception exists of that these people who have these enterprises in the Internet are geeks, they are not attractive, and wanted to show that he is not assim” , Yiannopoulos explained.


Vacation Pictures

Come Over & See Our Vacation Pictures

Nudist Pictures Vacations

You never want that sort of invitation unless, exceptionally, it’s your nudist friends hosting a cook-out and photo tour of their latest vacation to Orient Beach or Hedonism II. If that’s the case, just ask what you can bring (well, I guess that depends on what shape your friends are in).

Couples nudist and/or topless holiday photography tends to be more intimate. There’s the first day on the beach (tan lines) and then subsequent profligacy as couples get more cozy and, in some cases, erotic with their poses. Then of course the panoramic views of fellow nudists and, God forbid shots of cute towel animals fashioned by their chamber maids (in ubiquitous trip reports everywhere).

And let’s not forget couples enjoying nudist camping, or groups white-water rafting in between bouts of group nudity and heavy drinking. Categorically, people on vacations where nudity is involve tend to do interesting things.

Say yes.

Family nudist camping

Frankly, It’s A Little Weird

Family Nudism

As an American, setting out to tour Europe in a “caravan” (camping trailer) is a great way to mix and mingle with fellow vacationers from all points of the globe. It seems to be more popular among Europeans to travel this way, and as with all things European, they put their usual twist on this wholesome activity, “nudist” camping being one of them.

We had already noticed a fairly casual atmosphere in two “normal” campgrounds driving from up from Spain, where our journey began. Camp showers had been barely private (they were open on one side and coed) and around individual trailers people tend to change rather openly, or at least make little event to conceal themselves. Our third overnight occurred outside Biarritz, France. Our guide simply said “Family Camping” with three stars. After paying our fees we entered the campground to search for our spot. What struck us immediately was the great number of naked people walking around of all ages. If you’re not ready for it expect to be shocked.

Backing-in a “neighbor” volunteered his services, starkers of course, then dangled himself over to introduce himself. I didn’t know if he expected me to drop trou on the spot or shake his hand, so I shook his hand while staring fixedly at his eyebrows. After a short exchange he left and my wife I set about settling in.

Around dusk we headed to the campground kiosk for supplies, clothed, and found it to be a robust affair with loud music playing out the back and teens of all ages mingling and posturing as they do, completely naked of course. I found it unsettling, feeling I was seeing things I shouldn’t have a right to see at my age. Admittedly it’s very interesting to see young women naked again. We got our few things and head back to our trailer somewhat confounded.

The only nudist experience my wife and had shared up to that point was a little skinny with friends during college. It made me feel a bit bohemian at the time, a free spirit of sorts. We had never discussed nudism or whether we’d enjoy the lifestyle. That evening we discussed it and came to the conclusion that it looked alright but didn’t see ourselves partaking.

The next day we decided to walk down to the connected beach for a swim, wearing our suits of course. There was a heat wave in progress, which meant the beach was very busy. Both nudists and people wearing suits stretched by the hundreds in every direction. We found a spot near and settled in. After heating up I decided to swim, walked to the shore and dove in. When I finished I recalled how much I hate wearing a wet suit, never feeling I had the option to remove it on a public beach.

For some reason the idea intrigue me and when I rejoined my wife, asked if she’d mind. She laughed and said go for it. In the space of fourteen hours or so I went from feeling it was improper to be nude in front of children and teens to thinking it all looked pretty natural.

Drying in minutes without the suit felt good. I decided to go for a walk, coaxing my wife to join me. She declined initially, then consented to remove her top. This was a magical moment for me, like we’d entered a new realm as a couple. The rest of the day went well. I didn’t dress again until heading into town that evening for dinner.

I don’t think your typical American family could embrace nudism as the Europeans do. It’s something you have to grow up with. But we’ve since learned of American families with casual attitudes to nudity who say they’d have no problem staying at the nudist camp. You learn something every day.

So yeah, “family” nudism is a little weird if you’re not used to it, but you adjust in no time. And of course as a man you’ll notice the beautiful teen girls. You’ll find it feels so natural to be naked you’ll wonder what they look like in suits.

Your nudist tribe

Yes, You Do Belong. Finding Your Own Nudist Tribe Isn’t That Difficult

“If I said that, instead of viewing the nudist lifestyle via the internet, you could live it in person, and in the nude, would you be interested? Of course you would. Maybe. Admittedly it isn’t for everyone.

But the truth is a lot of people are finding the nudist lifestyle fits right in with their perhaps unstated primal ambitions, to be carefree and sensuously in touch with the planet and its people, in a communal atmosphere. They’re looking, whether they know or not, for a “tribe” to belong to with similar inclinations.

My journey’s took me through dozens of groups and thousands of naked people, all very normal type-people, most very happy to engage with me socially and otherwise whether I was wearing clothing or not. It was easy to take a liking to the idea…”