Nudist Picnics

Getting Naked In Nature With Your Girl

Nudist Girls

I don’t know that my hormones were any different than other teenagers. With certainty I can admit girls were on my mind 99.9% of the time. I was lucky to have a steady stream of girlfriends, and my utmost passion with them was of the obvious one, sex, but with what I considered a certain amount of flair. I loved to take to secluded parks or fields and get as much of their clothing off as possible. The impulse was that the excitement I reliably felt being naked outdoors would also infect my girlfriend. In other words, she’d get a kick out of it, and consequently a little excited.

I can report that it always worked. They all, once feeling secure in the seclusion, and maybe after some proforma protest, give in. Off would come the blouse, the bra, the jeans and panties, with me usually naked in a split second. I didn’t realize then that I was becoming a nudist. Later I realized being a nudist was exactly what I was up to. It’s exciting to be nude outdoors, and more so with a mate or friends.

Photography of couples getting all naturistic in nature is my favorite sort of private nudist photo-journalism. The harmony of a beautiful young girl naked in field of wild flowers, her bundle of removed clothes lying around her, her bright-eyed enthusiasm–I really can’t think of anything better.

I would of course take provisions with me on these excursions so we could properly call them picnics. If anyone asked where we’d been we could say, “We had a picnic.” It doesn’t raise eyebrows. To say we were off frolicking naked in the woods certainly would.

JeremyR “Nudists In Nature: Naked Picnics”

Nudist pictures

Esoteric Nudism

When Nature & Weather Permits, Being
Nude Works Wonders For The Soul

We never really tire of the traditional nudist scene (beaches, resorts, clubs, FKK retreats), but also really like the less traditional, often more secluded photo essays and video of couples, singles or small groups, that creep into submissions with startling regularity. From private “nudist” picnics to nude pagan festivals, the spirit of body freedom and celebration prevails, a sensual engagement with life that’s never boring to witness.

While “esoteric” nudism is liberally mixed in our with general galleries and video selections, a concentrated look is always good for eliciting a good mood, and makes us think, why not me too? Participating is always an option (see Nexus Groups).

Nudist Pictures

Why the Naturism?

Why to practise the Nudism?

In times when it more and more speaks of ecology, return to the nature, respect of the environment, a lot of people, to the rediscovery of the awareness of his/her own body, they consider the opportunity to effect the practice of the naturism.

 During the time the civil rules have imposed us, always more incessantly, of the conditionings. Certainly it is that, often, the masses middle you/they have confused the naturism with the sex and the transgression. The nudity by itself, is not of certain condemnable; we don’t forget that nobody would ever dream him to censor the pity of Michelangelo, that is moreover in beautiful show inside a Temple of God; then, whether to condemn the nudity instead that the legends, or worse still the consequent obsessions to them tie.

We are of the opinion that the nudity, if practised in opportune places and spaces, without therefore to injure the modesties of others, is broadly desirable, also because of great benefit to our body for his/her important functions of aeroterapia, fototerapia, hydrotherapy and elioterapia that help to prevent and to take care of a lot of forms of illnesses and they induce notable advantages to our physicist.

Nudist American Girls

“There’s Something About Perky
American Girls
When They Go Naked

Nudist Girls

As much as I admire French women and Scandinavian beauties on popular European beaches, when Americans partake of nudism there’s an element of the forbidden lurking in the atmosphere that’s extremely attractive and unique to these shores. It gives the nudist scene here a bit more tingle, more excitement, a feeling of mild naughtiness that has an appealing bonding effect. I think it’s partly because we all speak the same the same language, have similar backgrounds (American high schools being the great equalizer) and we have an intuitive sense of what each other is all about. From junior high onward men strive to see girls naked, yearn for it, scheme for it. Then we discover a nudist beach and a dozen relief valves release at once.

What about all the high principles of nudism? Yeah yeah, I hear you. It’s all true. But in a country where it’s for the most expressly forbidden to walk around naked, doing so on a populated beach strike a few interesting internal chords. Match that experience up with a few naked, happy-faced American girls welcoming you as if you’re part of some exclusive club they belong to, and suddenly Heaven seems within reach. A bored French with a pouty, Met-Art chest doesn’t quite match the allure of a fresh-faced American girl with milky-white abundant breasts smiling broadly into your face. The California Nudists features always get me, but also the Iowa farm girl skinny dipping in the local watering hole. To me that’s high erotica, and the fact that I can interject myself into those scenes is extraordinary.

Nudist Pictures

Caribbean Nudist Resort is Hot This Winter

Literally. The temperature is in the 80s. During January, February and March, the temperature will stay in the 80s with a very slight chance of rain. That is the forecast.

On the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean is Sorobon Beach Naturist Resort, a small family-oriented nudist resort and a nice place to escape from the cold winter weather of North America.

This is a place where you can sit on a quiet beach and just lounge around naked all day in the warm sun…maybe read a book or two. The laid-back atmosphere of the resort reflects the tiny island of Bonaire, an island with no traffic lights.

Between lounging sessions, naturists can keep busy with other activities not typically found in United States resorts.

There’s nude snorkeling in the crystal clear water of the 4-foot deep bay the resort is on. Watch the fish and even sea turtles swim by. Snorkeling equipment is available at the resort.

On Mondays, a trimaran sailboat named the “Woodwind” takes visitors on a nude cruise. The boat takes passengers out to another snorkeling area during a 3-hour trip. According to the resort’s website, “all you need is a towel, sun-cream and a smile.”

If you’d rather be captain of your own ship, the resort has kayaks available for use. Nude kayaking sounds like fun and a perfect way to see nature.

Twice a week, yoga classes are held on the beach. The small beachfront restaurant also has a bar. And if you just cannot get away from the Internet, the resort has wireless access.

For accommodations, the resort has about 40 one and two bedroom chalets for visitors to stay in and every chalet is within 50 yards of the sea. For a 1-room chalet, rates are about $150 a night during low season and just above $250 a night during peak season (winter).

Here’s an aerial photo of the resort using Google Maps aerial photo. The resort’s website only has a limited aerial photo but this Google Maps view does a better job at showing how secluded the resort is. Zoom out and the small size of the island of Bonaire is clear.

Summer Lovers

Randal Kleiser can be a filmmaker to bring home (which is not up) and recently even can not do much to look at, but we must recognize that within the more commercial American cinema in recent decades, leaves an indelible mark on memory collective cinephile, through works (and successes) as Blue Lagoon, Grease, White Fang, Grandview USA this Summer Lovers and that I speak today.

Summer Lovers is the typical summer movie in the most direct sense of the term. It has beach, have young, beautiful bodies and has a love for hitori heating. But there is something far beyond what makes it a specimen fixture between the “summer movies” of life. And that’s what Randal Kleiser is a master at creating an environment in which we feel complicit, and more than that, we feel that we share what the characters feel. But above all, is the power of caster fantasy that is in us that makes this Summer Lovers one of the finest films of the summer in living memory.

Nudism 360

Between The Poses, Real Nudism

One of the striking things about nudism is seeing other humans in the full dimension of their being, all their spacial relationships in plain view, the way they occupy space and move through it. Traditional nudist photography is fine by me, but I also like the impromptu captures of the unselfconscious deliberations, the quick shuffle of the towel, the application of sunscreen, the relaxed posture in soft transition. The woman, sensing she’s unobserved, relaxes into the scene she sets in a different way than when under scrutiny. I suppose what I’m referring to is a form of candid intimacy versus being blatantly candid. Does it matter?

In the scene above the girl is reaching for a cigarette. It’s a fairly innocent mission but the nudity here lets one conjure other scenarios. We often have to do mundane tasks while nude, but seldom do we do them naked and in public. When an attractive nude female reaches for a cigarette it has a much different effect than when she’s preening for the camera. The former hints to potential, leaving room for the imagination.

Mikel Bivel’s nudist photography looks beyond the nudism back to simple human activity, say as you would find in a municipal park, people just carrying on, albeit nude. Sure, he likes the broad view too, the strutting young blond on the beach, but seems more interested in her relaxed mode, saying nude, but reading a book, shielding her eyes from the sun, nonchalantly curled up on her towel. I’m sure you get the difference.

If nudist photography was all poses and pouts its essence was evaporate. Pure nudism involves a broad spectrum of activity. Bivel captures this knowingly.

Nudist Pictures

Germans Love Nudism

Nudism In City Parks Common

German Nudists
Germany is known for having a relaxed attitude toward nudity. FKK (or Freikoeperkultur), was founded at the end of the 19th Century in Germany to promote the health benefits nudism for all ages. Today it’s a well established culture, and FKK designations mark many of its nudist beaches and family resorts.

When this “freedom” permeates city parks in major cities one gets the idea that nudism has really caught on. Whether in Munich’s Englische Garten or Berlin’s Tiergarten, nude sunbathers of mixed gender and age have become tourist attractions, a fact sighted in a Munich municipal bulletin.

While Germans are accustomed to following strict rules of etiquette in all endeavors, city-park nudism has a communal aspect and people do tend to mix and mingle rather openly. If your preference is to be left alone, no problem. Pretty secretaries feel free to sunbath au natural during lunch break without the fear of intrusion. It certainly adds to the view when they do.

While not particularly “nudist destinations” in their own right, there’s nothing like finishing your lunchtime schnitzel and taking a postprandial hike through the park for the pleasant scenery.

The Nudist Sun

Nudist Nature

There’s Nothing Like A Nude Hike In The Woods

Nudist beaches have one dynamic, walking naked in nature quite another. The pictures pretty much say it all. Being alone with you girlfriend or wife frolicking in the woods or meadows, having a skinny-dip along the way, is about as close to Eden as we may get.

There’s much more “nude in the woods” activity as National Parks have now adopted a policy of looking the other way. Yosemite has its own Yahoo Group coordinating nude hikes. Along the California coast nude-hiker sightings are common and no one seems to really mind. You’d expect that in California, but not, perhaps, North Carolina, where the “Smokie Bares” have their own club for nude hiking in Appalachian Trail.

You can’t beat the expense, as the only gear required is a good pair of hiking boots and pack to carry your clothes and refreshments. A blanket isn’t a bad idea either. You may want to rest along the way, commune with nature a bit from a horizontal attitude.

There’s really nothing like it.