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Blond Jokes Don’t Apply


When I started in business one of my first jobs involved traveling the South, from Texas to Georgia. As most men-in-suits with similar beats soon discovered, the prettiest women in the world inhabited Dallas Airport. Second, of course, was Atlanta’s Hartfield. It was always a pleasure to hang-out in transit lounges, taking in the varying views. I soon instructed our travel agent to allow two hours between connecting flights.

When my region expanded, I discovered LAX was a good place to mingle. The contrast to Dallas was startling. In Texas women are made-up and well turned out, mildly formal with warm, intoxicating manners. Californians in transit tended toward sportswear, ponytails and a sort of easy but in-your-face exuberance, and exhibited beaming health, a deceit from too much sunshine.

As I climbed the corporate ladder, my responsibilities branched to Europe. There I discovered a new brand of beauty occupying the escalators and moving walks of the transit culture, much more sophisticated than found in America, exotic and tastefully turned-out, like a Milan fashion magazine.

Then, the mother lode. A tour of Scandinavia, including airports in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, the focus of my second European trip. I knew things looked favorable when I boarded the plane in New York. Fellow passengers tended to be tall, blue-eyed and blond. Even older women exhibited a Nordic allure, trim, well groomed, neatly dressed in a way to highlight their feminine features (rather than diminish them, a sad sartorial turn evident in the states). The topper airport experience occurred in Copenhagen, where breathtaking beauty made one’s head spin, from gate to taxi stand.

This is a long way to go to get to the topic of Denmark’s nudist beaches, but there is a good reason. The best nudist beaches are in Denmark, best because they reliably and assuredly have the most tantalizing naked women in attendance of any nudist beach in the world. I know because within days of arriving, my host took me to Falster Island, where he kept a summer cottage. It was as if all of those beautiful women I saw in the Copenhagen airport decided to skip work and go to this nude beach.

This leads me to my general theorem that the typical airport population of any big city offers a preview of what you’ll find on their local nudist beaches. To check the validity of this theorem, go to the Cleveland airport, then visit Mile Beach. You’ll see what I mean.

But nudism is a misnomer in Denmark. It’s more efficient to name the non-nudist beaches, not more than a handful. In constrast to LAX, the ubiquitous blonds you see in Denmark are no laughing matter–blond jokes don’t apply. 


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The Naked Golf Cart Experience

I used to think golf carts were just for golf. Then I visited a nudist resort and saw people riding around naked in golf carts. Then I tried it myself.


Forget golf. Golf carts are best used for nude recreation.

Yes, golf carts are a common sight at the larger of the nudist and clothing optional resorts and just about every campground has them.

The Naked Golf Cart Orientation

 Riding a golf cart in a nudist campground is a treat at a handful of the larger clubs’ “first-time visitor” orientation tours. These orientations are to help new visitors get acquainted with the property and nude recreation. During the ride, the rules are outlined to ensure that these places stay wholesome and family-safe – part of being an AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) affiliated club.


We rode naked in a 6-person golf cart during the orientation tour at Solair Recreation League, a nudist resort in Connecticut, not far from Boston, MA. This was fun – though I wanted to skip it and head straight for the pool because it was so hot out that day. At Lake Como Nudist Resort near Tampa, Florida, we did the very educational orientation clothed, though I’m sure we could have rode naked if we wanted.

Riding solo


Golf carts are a must have for seasonal residents who spend the summer living the nude life in trailer set-ups. Usually, the residents own or rent their golf carts.

For day and weekend visitors to most nudist campgrounds, golf cart rentals are not typically available. The only way to go for a ride is to make friends with the locals. There are some exceptions.

Calling the resort is a good way to find out what’s available. If the resort doesn’t rent golf carts, they may lead you to someone who rents golf carts. For example, at Paradise Lakes clothing optional resort in Lutz, Florida, we were able to rent a golf cart from one of the residents who owns several and rents them out to visitors.

Instead of the long, hot walk from the pool area to our rented room on the other side of the grounds, we rode a golf cart. Besides staying cool, golf carts were the quickest way to the pool and restaurants. Riding was fun – the wind blowing on your skin is refreshing. We rode all around the expansive Paradise Lakes property. Counting all of the streets and parking lots, we must put a few miles on the odometer riding around the resort.

Of course, like all things nudist, sitting on a towel is a requirement. For golf carts, it serves the additional purpose of keeping legs from sticking to hot golf cart seats.

After getting into nude recreation, I’ll never think of golf carts the same way again.

From now on, I’m going to try naked golf carting whenever possible. And when golf carts are not available, as is usually the case, the next best thing is bicycling. Let’s save naked bicycling for another day.


by John Henry Naturist Travel



Nudist Boaters

When You Can’t Find A Nudist Beach

Nudist Boaters

Anyone with a familiarity of boats (large or small) knows their enjoyments involve a lack of privacy when it comes to a few of life’s small tasks, like changing, or using the “facilities.” Those beholden to modesty may find accommodations lacking.

So it’s good to go boating with friends with whom you are comfortable when is comes to managing personal issues normally conducted in privacy. It also makes boats a good ice-breaker when it comes to taking you clothes off. “Hey, there’s nobody around, let’s skinny dip.” Who hasn’t heard a dreary uncle make such a pronouncement? Creepy relatives aside, with your mate or a group of friends it can be titillating and fun to disrobe and enjoy some au naturel time on the sunny decks.

If anything, it helps soothe the misery of having to pay for thing, and the extra props, the dead batteries and mooring fees. But you can decide for yourself. It’s much cheaper to just enjoy the pictures.


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Better Off Dead

The Skinbook experiment seems to have come to a bitter end.

All the tell-tale signs predicting doom were there all along, from the ill-conceived (and probably illegal) “Name and Shame” blog, to their infantile response, and not to mention their warped intentions for founding the site in the first place. When the Ning network pulled the plug on any nudity throughout their network, the Skinbook admins tried to start something from scratch, but apparently their egos clashed, as evidenced by this statement released yesterday:

A message to all members of
It is with much regret that I have come to the decision to bring Skinbook to an end.
Afterall the effort (and money) we have put into saving the Skinbook network; the complaining, negativity, abuse and general lack of support we have recieved from our users has been quite frankly, disgusting… I am no longer prepared to provide the Skinbook network to any members past or present.

As much as we have attempted over the past couple of years to bring together the naturist community and give the naturist lifestyle a positive public image, the treatment of my team here at Skinbook has finally made it clear (to myself at least) why this lifestyle is both fragmented from within and ostracized from without.

What you take this to mean is up to you to speculate individually. For me this revelation doesn`t require an explination, it requires merely a reaction; my reaction being that from now on I see fit only to completely distance myself from this lifestyle (from both a philosophical and physical stand point) and most certainly from ANY medium which serves to promote it.
Good luck in your quests to find unity within your chosen lifestyle… you need it!
Karl Maddocks

For the purpose of legal matters we would like to make clear that we retain all rights to the Skinbook name, logo and any other associated media.
Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see the hypocrisy in this statement. As a network set up to be apart from the existing naturist and nudist organizations, Skinbook BY DESIGN was divisive.

In a Time Magazine article, which claimed that Skinbook was the “only genuine” nudist social network, Maddocks is quoted as being repulsed by “single elderly guys in sandals and socks”, clearly drawing some sort of line in the sand between young and old, labeling existing nudist resorts as being “cultish and weird”.

In addition, Skinbook only accepted 10% of its applicants, certainly rejecting a lot of real nudists. One has to speculate whether or not their membership, which they claimed averaged between 35 and 40 years of age, was deliberately skewed by the administrators.

In the case of Skinbook, I’m don’t mind saying “I told you so.” Maddocks’ bitter and vitriolic diatribe, blaming his failure on the nudist community, is despicable. People by nature are divided, it takes leadership to bring them together. What Maddocks and his buddies did was further fragment people who practice the nudist lifestyle, and present to the public a false image of what being nude in social situations is all about.

Just go back to why Skinbook was created in the first place, and you will see why it was doomed to failure. Maddocks explained, “We couldn’t communicate on MySpace and Facebook about nudism since we were all kind of embarrassed. So we said, ‘Let’s start our own forum and call it Skinbook.’ The rest is history.” People who are embarrassed by their own lifestyles have no business trying to become leaders.

So, good luck to YOU, Karl Maddocks. The nudist community is a lot better off without

Diary of a Nudist

Nudist Resorts Sorobon

Sorobon Beach For A Relaxed Nudist Vacation

I’m happy to report this is a very pleasant nudist resort, amenable to quieter escapes, quick tropical refreshers for the spirit, without burdensome expense or cringe-inducing crowds of the swinging variety that often plague nudist destinations. If you don’t know what I mean by that, you have not been to one, have you? I don’t mean to snipe. But lately I’ve noticed an upswing in the budweiser brutes beginning to inhabit some locations with their brassy and highly undesirable mates. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood.

But not at Sorobon Beach Resort, a small collection of bungalows with an “eco” vibe that seeks to sooth rather than incite, a place to be left alone (albeit nude, of course) or free to mingle as one wishes. Fellow vacationers tend to be couples who know the ropes, enjoying repeat visits, hoping the word doesn’t get out that Sorobon is a worthy little Mecca for sun worshiping types in the Netherland Antilles. It isn’t that close to our shores, so maybe it’ll be safe.

Their thirty or so chalets have ocean views, modern conveniences, room safes, kitchens, lovely terraces and maid services six days a week. For excitement, there’s a boules court and library, rentable diving gear and beach accoutrements. It’s a laid-back affair in sum, a delight if you’re looking to relax and mingle with a gentler nudist crowd. If you’re a newbie looking to give nudism a try, there’s no better place. It provides a great introduction for the timid who wish to tip-toe rather take a full-Hedonism plunge.

The photography speaks for itself. Emerald seas, placid shoreline, gentle breezes. The attractive company is a bonus.

TomM for The Nude Review “Sorobon Beach Resort: Gentle Nudists”

Nudist Picutures

Social Naturist Network


Our approach leads the way in social networking – forget trawling old style forums and chat websites and get along to some of our great Member events or meet up one-to-one in the real world. This is the new way to get to know people from the internet and you’re far more likely to develop long-term friendships and great relationships.

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* Browse the ‘People’ area from the main menu or use our great search features that make finding stuff easy!

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French Nudists of St. Tropez

It’s Okay To Love The French

Spend five minutes on St. Tropez’s nude beach and you’ll witness a fleshy cascade as never before of Europe’s finest specimens, parading in le tout monde style, self-consciously perfect in every way, beaming and dripping, bronzed and sculpted, wondering who the hell you might be. London investment tycoon? Silicon Valley maverick? Hollywood agent? German royalty? Chances are they won’t assume you’re from Brecksville, Ohio, recently divorced, enjoying a change of pace authorized by your diminishing 401k, penalties be damned.

And then there are the French teens, topless or nude (often both), endowed with their sensible sensuality, a near birthright, what with their provocative cheeses and mind-mellowing wines and table manners, carelessly exhibiting their exceptional forms in broad, occasionally searing daylight. And they’re everywhere.

A hundred yards offshore Jack Nickleson performs his best whale-breaching-the-surface imitation next to boatload of lithe beauties. In town Bono wallows in celebrity in corner cafes, while Sting jets in for the weekend, and minor Eurotrash roam the quai in hopes of spotting indiscriminate behaviors among rap barons idling stern-to stern on McMegayachts rented for the brief season. Look, there’s Beyonce–no it isn’t, but it could have been. Maybe a relative.

Mingling with the newly gilded may be low sport but for an epicurean, hedonistic break it’s hard to beat the concentrated high spirits of St. Tropez, neatly tucked on a corner of the Mediterranean that on its own merit is worth a visit. It’s easy to skip the glitz if you wish.

Surprisingly, it’s a good place to visit alone. While a posse might be useful in Cancun the solo adventurist will be rewarded with celebratory bon vivants as company. It’s difficult to not meet people. Sit in a cafe for ten minutes and you will make more friends than you have sitting for two years in the club-bar back home. After a day I had more company than I could manage.

The mix of beach and small Mediterranean village and ease of access, and the continually changing but now always reliable presence of the beau monde make it an interesting and pleasing destination. In my book it’s proof that no matter what polemics the French present on the world stage, they’re the most reliably civil and sensuous people on the planet when it comes to living well.

AMobley “Another Reason To Love The French: St. Tropez”

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