Your Nudist Tribe

Yes, You Do Belong. Finding Your Own Nudist Tribe Isn’t That Difficult

Nudist“If I said that, instead of viewing the nudist lifestyle via the internet, you could live it in person, and in the nude, would you be interested? Of course you would. Maybe. Admittedly it isn’t for everyone.

But the truth is a lot of people are finding the nudist lifestyle fits right in with their perhaps unstated primal ambitions, to be carefree and sensuously in touch with the planet and its people, in a communal atmosphere. They’re looking, whether they know or not, for a “tribe” to belong to with similar inclinations.

My journey’s took me through dozens of groups and thousands of naked people, all very normal type-people, most very happy to engage with me socially and otherwise whether I was wearing clothing or not. It was easy to take a liking to the idea…”

DavidT for The Nude Review “Finding Your Nudist Tribe”

Paradise Lakes Resort

Swimming nude is a great reason to try nude recreation.

If you are new to the idea of wholesome nude recreation, the American Association for Nude Recreation provides an FAQ). Whether skinny dipping in a pool or lounging in a hot tub, I have yet to hear a person say they like bathing suits better – no matter what age, size, or color the person is.

The Florida nudist resort trip report continues with a look at swimming naked at Paradise Lakes Nudist Resort. The resort provides a variety of ways to be comfortably naked in the water in a safe and accepting environment.

On Thursday afternoon with perfect weather, sunny and in the 80s, the pool had a scattering of nudists. We enjoyed clothes-free, wet-bathing-suit-free freedom in the main pool area.

Paradise Lakes has a uniquely shaped swimming pool (pictured). It’s more of a lounge pool than a swimming pool. When we returned on a warm Friday afternoon and again on Saturday, the whole pool area was jammed with people.

One part of the pool goes 6 feet deep, allowing for swimming, but most of the pool is 3 to 5 feet deep – nice for standing around, chatting and having a drink. A kind waitress brings beer, mixed drinks or whatever.

The pool meanders from the deep section to the shallow section and then a water volleyball section starts. In addition to the main pool volleyball area, Paradise Lakes has a separate water volleyball pool.

Nude water volleyball is a popular social nudist activity at Paradise Lakes. Games are frequent and can be almost non-stop in both pools on Friday, Saturday and Sunday when the conditions are right (time of year, weather).

To get away from it all, head towards the lake. Next to it, another pool and hot tub area provide a hidden oasis within the oasis of Paradise Lakes.

The residents and guests staying in this section of the resort property use this pool often. It’s convenient and nearby other nude recreation activities. The hot tub was being worked on during my stay, but the pool was nice and had room for swimming the way swimming was meant to be: clothes-free.