Coed Nudist Spas in Germany

In Germany Nudists Move Indoors For Winter

nudists germany

To the uninitiated visiting a community rec center in Germany can be an eye-opening affair. In both large and small towns communal swimming pools and spas are generally clothing optional and, frankly, why would anyone prefer to wear a swimsuit in the sauna or pool? Leave it to the Germans to be practical on these matters.

For a small admission price a great afternoon or evening can be spent in nude company pursuing relaxing and healthful activities is a balm to the winter blues and a good reason to endorse four-season climates.

The Nudist Sun

Nudist Sex

With All That Nudity, Is There Lot’s Of Sex?

Well, I think so, but not necessarily the way you may have in mind. Having everything “out there” and handy does make impromptu coupling extremely easy, but I seldom see a couple enchanged in anything more touching and caressing. Of course, without suits on, it looks like love making. In a way it is.

I’ve always privately held that nudism is a form of foreplay. Sharing a beach blanket with nude women is an innocent nudist activity. Inwardly, for me at least, it’s love making in a remote sense, an intimate sharing of our flesh with boundaries attached, which makes it all the more exciting. Occasionally my on-the-spot fantasizing gets the better of me and I get a semi erection. Depending on degree I either roll to my stomach or ignore it. I notice women becoming “engorged” or swollen “down there,” a collateral appeal. Darwinists might call this mating behavior–foreplay is.

Do I make connections on nudist beaches that later turn into sexual relationships? Yes. People congregating in the nude in public tend to be comfortable with themselves, and with what gives them pleasure sensually. Have I gone off in the bushes, or behind the sand dune to engage in sex on public nudist beaches? It happens, but it’s never premeditated.

Can you find a mate on a nudist beach? You can find a mate anywhere, but on a nudist beach you’ll find one without packaging. It removes some of the mystery, but adds to your confidence. And it works both ways. I have a medium-sized, circumcised penis. A woman once told me, who prefers circumcised men, her anxious moment in a new relationship was the discovery phase, the unveiling of the penis. Since becoming a nudist she’s greatly reduced her anxieties.

Nudity is foreplay between adults. I know traditional nudists shun this idea, but I think it’s true. It’s why I like the bundle presented here, traditional nudism, nudity at home, goofing off (Candid) or in more sensual settings. Whether or not I consummate a sexual relationship, I’ve now enjoyed “sensual” nudity with hundreds of women, whether we’re on the same page (whether she’s fantasizing along with me) or not.

As humans, we’re endowed with predilection for intimacy, usually preceded by foreplay which ends predictably. For the most part, in nudism you enter a realm of foreplay that lasts forever, or until you arrange otherwise. Most importantly, it puts both parties in the mood in a telling fashion. There are some things you simply can’t hide when naked.

TomD for The Nude Review “Nudism & Sex”

Summer Nudists Revived

The Evidence Is Clear


One of the pleasures of receiving an abundance of photography from summer nudist vacations is reliving the recent past, even if not our own. The often vicarious armchair adventures (with laptop) reminds us (it’s sub-zero outside my front door) that nudism is a year-round activity, if we’re willing to hop on a plane, something I intend to do about mid-March (Mexican Mayan coast).

In the meantime, I find perusing naturism photography and video soothing. In fact I like to start my day that way, before the emails or even thinking about work. Seeing what’s new in an odd way gives me some focus. What is life about? Why am I proceeding into a new day? Ah, this is it! To enjoy life’s simple bounty of pleasures. Beautiful women and teens, naked of course, great food, good books, movies, wine and company, and of course sensual relations. Nudism photography gives me hope, knowing it represents a life out there that I’m able to join when circumstances align properly.

Also, it gives me a good reason to stay in shape. There is good evidence the rewards are great.

The Nudist Sun

Greece Nudist Beaches

Greece has many islands where you can find a vast number of nudist beaches.

While in practice any secluded beach in Greece can be a nudist beach, there are some beaches that are considered to be more nude-friendly than others.

The island of Agistri has two nudist beaches and they are Halkiada and Skala. If you are on the island of Andros, do not forget to go to the nude-friendly beach of Aghia Anna Beach. This beach is located north of Batsi. It is easy to get to this beach by foot by following the road along the coast. It is a 20-minute walk.

Corfu, the favorite island of visiting holidaymakers, has its own share of Greece nudist beaches. Almiros Beach is one. Although Agios Georgios is not a nude beach, there is a small un-named secluded beach to the left of Agios Georgios where you can bare it all and soak up the sun. Then there are other beaches namely Linia, Arillas and S John Beach at Roda.

Even Crete has its own nudist beaches and you can find them at Aghia Galini, Anidri, Damnini, Frangokastello, Glika, Nera, Ligres, Loutro, Sises, Skafia and Vai. You will find most of these Greece nudist beaches and others based in the southwestern part of Crete all along the remote sections of the coast. If you are looking for a nudist resort, then Crete is the place for you. It is home to the lone official nude resort at Filaki Beach and it is called Hotel Vritomartis.

On the island of Mykonos there are number of nude beaches and these include Panoramous Beach, Agrari Beach, Elia Beach, Paraga Beach and Paradise Beach. Even Santorini has two good Greece nudist beaches namely Oia and Vlychada.

Nudist Boating In The Caribbean

Close Quarters, Good Friends, Abundant Nudity

Everyone knows the privacy dance executed when conditions don’t permit personal, secluded spaces. Boating provides an abundant lack of privacy, for example. So why not go nudist?

This is one of those cases where the “nudism” label is liberally applied. When friends jointly rent a sailboat for a Caribbean cruise, implied is a bit of enhanced intimacy when it comes to changing or sleeping. If you get the dining-table/convertible-berth you know your sleep habits are about to lose their confidentiality, as will your amorous enterprises after a rum-soaked evening on deck.

Regardless of labels, chummy boat-nudity is interesting to experience and capture on digital cameras, as this series illustrates.

Jan Forest for The Nude Review “Close Quarter Cruising In the Caribbean”

Chasing Nudism

Can One Skip Normal Retirement To Chase The Sun, And Nudity?

NudismOngoing submissions from the field…

About the same time Jim and Kenny teed-off back home, I was sitting in a Caribbean beach bar two arm lengths away from a buxom French woman with her top no where in sight. This takes getting used to. On the beach I now more or less expect women to be topless or nude. In eating and drinking establishments it will take some more getting used to.

When my former golf buddies, retired entrepreneurs such as myself, said I’d quickly get bored chasing nudists and topless women on beaches across the world, little did they imagine the variety and number of them there are to explore. And really, how can looking at attractive naked women get boring? You can have you fill for the day, sure. But the interest always come back. How the hell can you play golf every day and not get bored to tears? Well, what choice do they have? They’re married to two of the least interesting people I know, both bloated and dull.

And here I am entering my sixth month of chasing the sun and those that worship it. Average daily cost is working out to around $225, which includes a lot of good dining and sightseeing, comfortable accommodations and getting-around money. It’s sustainable, even with the current economy.

After Cuba, the Yucatan, Jamaica and now the eastern West Indies, I’ll be ready for what Europe has to offer as it enters high season. Near the end of August I’ll end up on the Black Sea at a family nudist resort. So far I’ve met lovely people at each stop. I’ve shared great meals, drinks, music, historical sights, deep dives, hikes and intimacies. Being single and traveling alone isn’t lonely at all. It’s the opposite.

Tomorrow I won’t be golfing but I will be snorkeling a reef with a lovely bunch of Danes who signed up just before me. I first noticed them on the nude beach. There’s nothing lovelier than a naked Danish woman. There’s nothing more intriguing than lying near a naked woman on the beach and that night seeing her again in the bar having a nightcap wearing a tight tropical cocktail dress. After our dive we’ll have that to talk about. And where we’re from, where we’re headed. Being on the road means you always have something to chat about…

BillH for The Nude Review, “Chasing the Nudist Sun”

Journal of Spiritual Nudism

Nudist hedonism

Can a boomer male, suddenly single, find happiness pursuing his own personal hedonism? 


There are many angles to nudism and its inherit appeal is a variable often keep in the vault of personal predilections. But is it possible for a middle-aged American male to decide, post-divorce, that pursuing a life of hedonism will work for him? Or is it an adolescent’s fantasy, roaming the globe’s nudist beaches and participating solo, and naked, with the like-minded?

“It’s not only doable, but keeps me young at heart,” reflects Brad Owen. “Where else could I participate like a kid in the Garden of Eden and find acceptance? And the view is terrific.”

 Nudist Pictures