Chasing Nudism

Can One Skip Normal Retirement To Chase The Sun, And Nudity?

NudismOngoing submissions from the field…

About the same time Jim and Kenny teed-off back home, I was sitting in a Caribbean beach bar two arm lengths away from a buxom French woman with her top no where in sight. This takes getting used to. On the beach I now more or less expect women to be topless or nude. In eating and drinking establishments it will take some more getting used to.

When my former golf buddies, retired entrepreneurs such as myself, said I’d quickly get bored chasing nudists and topless women on beaches across the world, little did they imagine the variety and number of them there are to explore. And really, how can looking at attractive naked women get boring? You can have you fill for the day, sure. But the interest always come back. How the hell can you play golf every day and not get bored to tears? Well, what choice do they have? They’re married to two of the least interesting people I know, both bloated and dull.

And here I am entering my sixth month of chasing the sun and those that worship it. Average daily cost is working out to around $225, which includes a lot of good dining and sightseeing, comfortable accommodations and getting-around money. It’s sustainable, even with the current economy.

After Cuba, the Yucatan, Jamaica and now the eastern West Indies, I’ll be ready for what Europe has to offer as it enters high season. Near the end of August I’ll end up on the Black Sea at a family nudist resort. So far I’ve met lovely people at each stop. I’ve shared great meals, drinks, music, historical sights, deep dives, hikes and intimacies. Being single and traveling alone isn’t lonely at all. It’s the opposite.

Tomorrow I won’t be golfing but I will be snorkeling a reef with a lovely bunch of Danes who signed up just before me. I first noticed them on the nude beach. There’s nothing lovelier than a naked Danish woman. There’s nothing more intriguing than lying near a naked woman on the beach and that night seeing her again in the bar having a nightcap wearing a tight tropical cocktail dress. After our dive we’ll have that to talk about. And where we’re from, where we’re headed. Being on the road means you always have something to chat about…

BillH for The Nude Review, “Chasing the Nudist Sun”

Journal of Spiritual Nudism

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