Greece Nudist Beaches

Greece has many islands where you can find a vast number of nudist beaches.

While in practice any secluded beach in Greece can be a nudist beach, there are some beaches that are considered to be more nude-friendly than others.

The island of Agistri has two nudist beaches and they are Halkiada and Skala. If you are on the island of Andros, do not forget to go to the nude-friendly beach of Aghia Anna Beach. This beach is located north of Batsi. It is easy to get to this beach by foot by following the road along the coast. It is a 20-minute walk.

Corfu, the favorite island of visiting holidaymakers, has its own share of Greece nudist beaches. Almiros Beach is one. Although Agios Georgios is not a nude beach, there is a small un-named secluded beach to the left of Agios Georgios where you can bare it all and soak up the sun. Then there are other beaches namely Linia, Arillas and S John Beach at Roda.

Even Crete has its own nudist beaches and you can find them at Aghia Galini, Anidri, Damnini, Frangokastello, Glika, Nera, Ligres, Loutro, Sises, Skafia and Vai. You will find most of these Greece nudist beaches and others based in the southwestern part of Crete all along the remote sections of the coast. If you are looking for a nudist resort, then Crete is the place for you. It is home to the lone official nude resort at Filaki Beach and it is called Hotel Vritomartis.

On the island of Mykonos there are number of nude beaches and these include Panoramous Beach, Agrari Beach, Elia Beach, Paraga Beach and Paradise Beach. Even Santorini has two good Greece nudist beaches namely Oia and Vlychada.

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