Summer Nudists Revived

The Evidence Is Clear


One of the pleasures of receiving an abundance of photography from summer nudist vacations is reliving the recent past, even if not our own. The often vicarious armchair adventures (with laptop) reminds us (it’s sub-zero outside my front door) that nudism is a year-round activity, if we’re willing to hop on a plane, something I intend to do about mid-March (Mexican Mayan coast).

In the meantime, I find perusing naturism photography and video soothing. In fact I like to start my day that way, before the emails or even thinking about work. Seeing what’s new in an odd way gives me some focus. What is life about? Why am I proceeding into a new day? Ah, this is it! To enjoy life’s simple bounty of pleasures. Beautiful women and teens, naked of course, great food, good books, movies, wine and company, and of course sensual relations. Nudism photography gives me hope, knowing it represents a life out there that I’m able to join when circumstances align properly.

Also, it gives me a good reason to stay in shape. There is good evidence the rewards are great.

The Nudist Sun

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