Nudist Neighborhood

It’s A Wonderful Day In The Neighborhood


Round up a typical suburban neighborhood anywhere in the country and suggest a “nudist” barbecue and the horror will be real. Expect to be black-balled, prayed for and otherwise demonized. It’s not a typical invitation, here or anywhere in the world, really. But if you’re invited to join your neighbors for a sauna in Sweden, don’t expect to see bathing suits. Don’t be shocked if your hosts to a Finnish summer cabin swim naked when the sun comes up. It’s just not a big deal, and doesn’t involve formality. It’s just what they do.

But in the Atlanta metropolitan area, which supplies a disproportionate quantity of “Casual Home Nudity” submissions, nude get-togethers are becoming common. One of our Nexis groups resides there and organizes many well attended activities that accommodate nude attire. One splinter group caught our attention, a group of housewives that prefers to mix all-over sunbathing with socializing, and rotates gatherings among their homes. It’s not “come as you are” but “come as you dare.”

Why there are so many photographs of teens and women socializing in the the buff or their skivvies I don’t know–men tend not to do this–but do we appreciate receiving pictorial summaries of these sun bathing tea parties. It gives a lift knowing our wives are happy while we toil away in the office. As long as they share the evidence, it’s fine with us if they keep it up.

AMobley for The Nude Review

Nudist Nature

There’s Nothing Like A Nude Hike In The Woods


Nudist beaches have one dynamic, walking naked in nature quite another. The pictures pretty much say it all. Being alone with you girlfriend or wife frolicking in the woods or meadows, having a skinny-dip along the way, is about as close to Eden as we may get.

There’s much more “nude in the woods” activity as National Parks have now adopted a policy of looking the other way. Yosemite has its own Yahoo Group coordinating nude hikes. Along the California coast nude-hiker sightings are common and no one seems to really mind. You’d expect that in California, but not, perhaps, North Carolina, where the “Smokie Bares” have their own club for nude hiking in Appalachian Trail.

You can’t beat the expense, as the only gear required is a good pair of hiking boots and pack to carry your clothes and refreshments. A blanket isn’t a bad idea either. You may want to rest along the way, commune with nature a bit from a horizontal attitude.

There’s really nothing like it.

MeganW-Ed “Nudism In Nature: Hiking Nude”

Nudist National Parks

 Look, A Bare 


It used to be the only type of bear you would see in a national park was the grizzly variety, sniffing the wind for leftovers. Nowadays you’re as likely to see the other kind, particularly near bodies of water, namely, nudist bares, free-spirited folks benefiting from a loose policy regarding nudity. With tightened budgets, park ranger resources are stretched. Why bother with naked people?
Plus, what could be more natural than a skinny dip in a mountain stream or lake after a hard day’s hike? Not much. If you enjoy the elements and are hardy enough to get up a steep trail you deserve a reward. “No one seems to mind when we strip to freshen up in a stream while camping. In fact, we see other couples and groups doing the same after we’ve ‘broken the ice,'” said one REI-type in Yosemite park. “No one has ever complained. If anything, they smile approvingly.”

Though legally the practice of nudism in national parks is “iffy” the general consensus is you’ll be left alone if you’re well behaved. If you’ve been in the middle of the woods and thought to yourself that being naked could be fun, you’ll find the climate favorable, at least until the first snows arrive.

Besides, what’s more natural than spotting a bare in the woods?

DavidS-Contributor “National Park Nudists”

Nudists Are Sex Addicts, Not

It’s Not About Sex, But Is Sexy

If the typical Internet “nudist site” depicted actual nudists, one would assume they’re a pretty debauched bunch of folks, forever fornicating or fondling in public places. The truth is, and please stifle the yawn, nudists are a rather placid species who simply don’t mind being naked when there’s company around. In fact, they enjoy company, but for normal recreation, not sport-fornicating.

Last week I was sitting around the pool at a nudist/topless friendly French resort in the Caribbean. Low-season brings out the budget minded (like us), meaning couples with kids, college students and Lonely Planet globe-trekkers seeking bargains. It was a no flash, just fun in the sun, a few evening drinks, ho-hum see you in the morning kind of place. So poolside when things get heated it means high noon has arrived.

Now it’s true, most were either naked or topless but rather than having sex they were tuned into their iPods, reading, sunworshipping or simply conversing. The topics I chanced to overhear ran from mortgages to marriage, kids to kitchen makeovers, beauty regimens to baseball. No one was moaning or groaning–in other words, there were no apparent orgasms going on. They looked and sounded like people you’d meet at the nineteenth hole of your club, sipping cocktails, except these folks were beginning to burn around their exposed nipples and buttocks.

As purported by this magazine, it’s also true that nudists have better sex lives than most, the physcology of which fills these blogs. Men get excited seeing their wives naked in front of other men, women get excited when their men find them exciting and buy them jewelry. It’s a circle of life thing. But still, it’s mostly private, done behind closed doors.

Except when it’s not. There’s also nothing like a good romp with a loved one in the bosom of nature, out in the woods, behind the barn, what have you. Sure, that’s exciting, but not necessarily nudist, is it? But if you’re a nudist on a sparsely populated beach and venture off to the dunes to address a compulsive moment with your mate, you’re just normal with less clothing in the way.

BruceH for The Nude Review, Pictorial-Nudist Beach In The Caribbean