Nudism In Your Fifties Beyond

Nudists & Geezers (Like Me) Do Mix

 About an equal number of women to men ask me whether they are too old to be nudists, typically beginning in their fifties, generally worried they’ll be consider “unsightly” due to their ages. I generally respond if they are relatively fit (i.e., not overweight) age shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying nudism.

But do they listen? If you visit a typical “nudist resort” in the U.S. you’d think not. The same would be true for Europe except that obesity is not the rule (by “obese” I mean a BMI over 30). Europeans of all sizes, shapes and ages hit the beaches, which often tend to be nudist, where in the States they’re not (but still represent the body-type cross sections you see on European beaches). Nudist beaches (not resorts) in the U.S. do resemble the Europe demographics, but not the more organized nudist clubs, which lean toward Barcolounger-By-The-Pool types.

But the question is whether age is a factor to the enjoyment of nudism. NO. If you’re fit you probably, at age fifty, sixty or even seventy, merely resemble a somewhat looser arrangement of your former self. Gravity is a well known phenomenon affecting all with an egalitarian vengence. Age spots? Call them “wisdom freckles.” They too strike with equal enthusiasm. Surgical scars? You be the judge.

The fact is no one treats nudist beaches like beauty pageants. While I enjoy viewing a beautiful physique, male or female, I get a kick seeing others walking around carefree in birthday suits as worn and weathered as my own–it’s just aging, and we’re all on the same trajectory.

Are you too old for nudism? Never. Geezers are the leading the pack in nudism’s recent popularity growth, and not just for the Vitamin D.

BarbaraG for The Nude Review

Naked passion of Christ calendar shocks Mallorcan Catholics

Bishop of Mallorca criticises calendar – which shows Catholic youths posing naked – for ‘not respecting Christian symbols’


A Catholic youth group has shocked its religious superiors in Mallorca by producing a calendar that features a nude version of the passion of Christ.

The wrath of the bishop of Mallorca has fallen on the Davallament youth group from the Spanish island’s town of Sant Joan after they decided to make the stripped-down version of the Easter week story to raise funds.

The calendar features a semi-naked trio of young men raising the cross on which Jesus will be crucified and a Last Supper whose protagonists wear only crotch-hugging underwear. In other shots the protagonists are entirely naked, covering their genitalia with plumed roman helmets (above).

“It is a daring and original idea that emerged because we are young and wanted to do something new,” a group member, Antoni Company, told Ultima Hora newspaper.

The bishopric of Mallorca, however, has criticised them for shocking their more traditional elders. “It turns Easter week into something banal,” the bishopric said in a stern written admonition. “It does not respect Christian symbols and is insensitive to Catholic feelings.”

The calendar marks the 20th anniversary of the Davallament Youth Association, one of whose principal tasks is to act out the passion of Christ in a fully-clothed version every Easter.

“It all came from the need to celebrate our 20th anniversary,” said Pep Mas, the group’s co-ordinator. “The actors are the same people who take part in the Easter week representation, and the pictures are shot in the same places. I don’t think, after all these years, that anyone can doubt our dedication.”

The town’s mayor, Joan Magro, approves. “The calender is very original,” he said. “The pictures are artistic and the models show what they have.”

The town’s priest, Joan Marti, refused to be drawn. “They are grown up enough to know what they are doing and what it all means,” he said.

Nudist Behavior

Nudism At Home In The Form Of Idealized Teens Hot Tubbing


Having no high-horse to speak from, we’re not opposed to puerility when it comes to having simple tastes in viewing nudity. It fact, we make the case elsewhere on this blog that youthful nudity has high aesthetic value. Well, look at classical art if you have a differing viewpoint. You may find it persuasive.

Hot tubbing and saunas offer nude-friendly recreation for singles, couples, or groups. While it’s not likely you’ll find, or want to look at, a group of men enjoying a eucalyptus beating in balmy sauna conditions, it’s a fair wager that a group of teen girls doing the same might draw your interest. We’re not ashamed to admit it works for us.

Group nudity in female ranks has a no-brainer appeal for most men. It’s difficult to find in entirely natural and spontaneous outbursts, such as above, which is why hot tubs and saunas are popular with us. They’re natural habitats for community nudity.

Every home should come equipped with them.

GeoffS for The Nude Review, “Casual Home Nudity: Hot Tubs & Saunas”

Teen Nudism Adult Males

If nudism is natural, so is enjoying the view


After several visits to a Muir Beach nudist cove, my wife gave up the argument that my sole interest in nudism was to bring out my inner Aqualung (“old man sitting on a park bench, etc.,”- Jethro Tull). When she noticed her own noticing of teen boys frolicking in the nude, with an utterly natural lack of inhibition, she got the point.

 Yes, youthful nudity in athletic form enjoying nature is an arresting vision, and worthy of your attention. In this regard, nudism is rewards participants in a dual fashion. It’s both enjoyable to do, and enjoyable to see.

Nudist Pictures

Nudism Vintage Series

nudist from the 60`s

I have some old nudist magazines from the 40`s through the 60`s and i think that was such a great era for nudism they looked as though they enjoyed being outside and being natural and innocent to the times, i wish that my family would have been a part of nudism back in the 50`s and 60`s nothing flashy just simple.
The first nudist camp i joined in the mid 80`s was very rustic except for the large in-ground pool reminded me of what i seen in the early magazines and to a extent is still fairly rustic. i have been to the concrete super nudist resorts and they don`t impress me at all. nudism has surely changed over the years but has a long ways to go.

Nudist Mud Baths

Who Said Nudism Doesn’t Get Dirty…


Nudist fun isn’t all about beaches and destination resorts where winsome creatures gambol in the nude. If you thought so, you obviously didn’t know about the spiritually and physically nutritive benefits of dipping your birthday suit into mixtures of spring water and volcanic ash with a little peat moss added for buoyancy.

Whether procured naturally or in a spa setting, there’s nothing like a warm mud treatment to sooth what ails you. When done communally, there’s a natural tendency to not only laugh and have great fun but to help each other out with the caking and rinsing, or just plain frolicking. And creating haphazard but gentle collisions in a mud pit certainly breaks the ice among strangers. And don’t forget the healing powers. There’s a vast tradition and scripture related to these “purification” rites. In other words, it’s a legitimate and proactive way to maintain optimal health.

For us it’s just another good way to enjoy the precepts of “body freedom” using nature’s natural abundance. It’s extraordinarily fun in an intimate sort of way as only an all-encompassing mud bath could do.

RebeccaW for The Nude Review “Nudist Mud Baths: Communal Bathing”