Nudist Mud Baths

Who Said Nudism Doesn’t Get Dirty…


Nudist fun isn’t all about beaches and destination resorts where winsome creatures gambol in the nude. If you thought so, you obviously didn’t know about the spiritually and physically nutritive benefits of dipping your birthday suit into mixtures of spring water and volcanic ash with a little peat moss added for buoyancy.

Whether procured naturally or in a spa setting, there’s nothing like a warm mud treatment to sooth what ails you. When done communally, there’s a natural tendency to not only laugh and have great fun but to help each other out with the caking and rinsing, or just plain frolicking. And creating haphazard but gentle collisions in a mud pit certainly breaks the ice among strangers. And don’t forget the healing powers. There’s a vast tradition and scripture related to these “purification” rites. In other words, it’s a legitimate and proactive way to maintain optimal health.

For us it’s just another good way to enjoy the precepts of “body freedom” using nature’s natural abundance. It’s extraordinarily fun in an intimate sort of way as only an all-encompassing mud bath could do.

RebeccaW for The Nude Review “Nudist Mud Baths: Communal Bathing”



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