Nudism In Your Fifties Beyond

Nudists & Geezers (Like Me) Do Mix

 About an equal number of women to men ask me whether they are too old to be nudists, typically beginning in their fifties, generally worried they’ll be consider “unsightly” due to their ages. I generally respond if they are relatively fit (i.e., not overweight) age shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying nudism.

But do they listen? If you visit a typical “nudist resort” in the U.S. you’d think not. The same would be true for Europe except that obesity is not the rule (by “obese” I mean a BMI over 30). Europeans of all sizes, shapes and ages hit the beaches, which often tend to be nudist, where in the States they’re not (but still represent the body-type cross sections you see on European beaches). Nudist beaches (not resorts) in the U.S. do resemble the Europe demographics, but not the more organized nudist clubs, which lean toward Barcolounger-By-The-Pool types.

But the question is whether age is a factor to the enjoyment of nudism. NO. If you’re fit you probably, at age fifty, sixty or even seventy, merely resemble a somewhat looser arrangement of your former self. Gravity is a well known phenomenon affecting all with an egalitarian vengence. Age spots? Call them “wisdom freckles.” They too strike with equal enthusiasm. Surgical scars? You be the judge.

The fact is no one treats nudist beaches like beauty pageants. While I enjoy viewing a beautiful physique, male or female, I get a kick seeing others walking around carefree in birthday suits as worn and weathered as my own–it’s just aging, and we’re all on the same trajectory.

Are you too old for nudism? Never. Geezers are the leading the pack in nudism’s recent popularity growth, and not just for the Vitamin D.

BarbaraG for The Nude Review

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