Candid Bedroom

In My Room


For most, our first experimental, non-bath related “nudity,” where we’re spending a lot of time naked is, of course, is in bedroom. I remember the first time I laid out naked on my bed during a horrendously hot summer and let the breeze through the window tingle my still ship-shape flesh (not that at thirty it’s gone too far south). I remember looking forward to those private sessions of mine, going to my room “to be naked.” It had become something to be, and not just a transition state between stages of the day. It’s where and how I got comfortable with what I was becoming.

My hippie father played a Beach Boys tune for me when I was around thirteen, “In My Room,” and it struck home immediately. In my room, the place, was becoming very important. It’ where I could hold my hand mirror at odd angles to the big dresser mirror to see how things were shaping up, how I’d look to other people, to that boy in World History, for example. Would he be the one? All of that is considered at great length in one’s room. It’s where we first see how it feels, how our body changes in response, to where our minds are going.

Candid Nudity

Another AANR Resort Hosts Erotic Fetish Events

In the wake of the recent controversy at Lupin Lodge, the American Association for Nude Recreation has another affiliated club openly marketing to swingers and erotic lifestyles groups.


Caliente Caribe in the Dominican Republic is openly advertising “Naughty Kinky Dominican Domination Group Trip” from March 26 through April 2, 2011, “March Madness Erotica Group Week” for the same time period, “Caliente Spring Swing Erotic Resort Takeover” for April 16 through 23, 2011, “Fetish Fest 2 Paradise Bound Resort Takeover” for June 18-25, 2011, and several other sexually charged events.

Caliente Caribe is listed as an AANR club on the organization’s website.. The Nudist group bills itself as “the credible voice of reason for nude recreation since 1931” and  promises a non-sexual environment whenever a member visits an affiliated club.

Plan to Go Nude! Although some clubs allow visitors to remain clothed while touring the club as a first timer, most clubs expect guests to be “clothed when practical, nude when appropriate.” Visitors, as well as members, are required to conduct themselves in a manner that would be considered acceptable at any other public social gathering. There will be people of all ages and backgrounds – families, couples, children, young and old – and they will all have one thing in common…they decided to participate in nude recreation.
As a first timer, please make this important observation, even though you might anticipate it, a nude environment does not have any special sexual connotation.
On a page entitled “Why Your Membership Matters“, AANR boasts of its efforts to “advocate for nude recreation with regular visits to the U.S. Congress and state legislatures to educate lawmakers and staff about nudist concerns”, and it works to “protect traditional skinny-dipping spots and nude beaches.”

AANR requires its affiliated clubs to adhere to its principles and standards.

The atmosphere of an AANR club is wholesome and friendly. People who enjoy nude recreation distinguish between nudity and sex and keep the two in their proper perspectives. Clubs are careful about who enters their facility and if anyone seems to be there for the wrong reason, they will be asked to leave.
In recent years several affiliated clubs have surrendered their charters so that they could openly market to swingers and other erotic lifestyle groups, which fall outside the traditional definitions of nudism and naturism. Since last May, the California club Lupin Lodge, which has been in existence since 1936, has been involved with a controversy over BDSM groups using its facilities for meetings and “play areas”. As of this writing, neither AANR nor The Naturist Society have made any official statements on the status of Lupin as one of their affiliated clubs.

Diary of a Nudist


Nudist Topless

It’s A Love Affair


I’ll be honest. I’m an avid nudist because I like the view. There nothing to me quite more stimulating and satisfying in multiple senses, from aesthetic to the more carnally tinted. There’s something about witnessing so freely and generously female beauty from young to old. The teen girl topless submerged in whatever is playing on her iPod has no idea of the gift conferred upon me by simply being herself thus exposed. It’s a heavenly exchange which I respect. I don’t gawk. I’m just walking by as I stroll the beach. If it’s a good, hot day in mid summer I’ll see hundreds of nude girls and women. In a normal, non-nudist life, how many will you see? You get my point.

I do enjoy tasteful nude photography, the Met Art and Domai variety, but nothing beats natural “nudists,” those strangers on nudist beaches around the world, simply being themselves. There’s no staring at the camera or posing, no pouty nonsense. The more unawares the better.

So it’s a love affair of sorts, a passion I can freely indulge around the world. It’s sensual and wholesome, stimulating and relaxing, and above all, one never, ever tires of the view.

Paul Baker Nexus Groups “Nudist Experience: Why I’m A Nudist”

Call to close Port Kennedy nudist beach

A ROCKINGHAM MP has called for the closure of the Port Kennedy nudist beach, after claims of increasing lewd behaviour in the area.


Phil Edman, MLC for the South Metropolitan Region, has expressed deep concern over the continuing inappropriate and lewd behaviour at the Port Kennedy nudist beach, and has called for the nudist beach to be closed completely.

Recent complaints in local newspapers, describing men engaging in sexual behaviour, prompted Mr Edman to find a “solution” to stop people carrying out indecent acts on a public beach near residential areas.

Mr Edman, a former Rockingham City councillor, addressed the issue at a council meeting in 2007, calling for the nudist beach to be moved further south, away from popular swimming areas or to be shut down entirely.

However, the motion was lost and a decision was made by council to upgrade signage in the area, clearly identifying the nudist beach.

Out of the 242 City of Rockingham residents who responded to submissions and petitions over the issue, 60 per cent of residents wanted the nudist beach closed or relocated.

During that time, police also obtained reports of wilful exposure and other offences in the area.

“It’s important to bring the issue to light again following recent (local) media exposure about lewd behaviour,” Mr Edman said.

“The community is still faced with the problematic issue year after year, and it is time for the City of Rockingham to seriously consider closing the nudist beach down to stop individuals using the location to meet up for sexual encounters,” he said.

Mr Edman has also expressed alarm over a number of gay websites, which was brought to his attention, promoting the Port Kennedy nudist beach as a location to carry out explicit activities in nearby sand dunes.

“The City of Rockingham needs to take the community’s concerns into consideration and close the nudist beach immediately,” Mr Edman said.

Natural Nudists

It’s Time To Bring Back Bush…


Forgive the disquieting pun above. I’m a liberal and optimistic with our new administration. It’s the other “bush” I speak of, the natural “garden” women used to carry around with them, evident in all those vintage nudist photographs. Recently it’s been pruned and groomed out of existence to the point that the region looks blank and unfinished, not like a prepubescent girl’s private area (the intent, according to my personal theory), pending bloom, but like a plucked chicken, pre marinade.

Forgive me if I sound the prude. I’m really not. It was a nice look for awhile, on the right woman, but now it’s become the custom, post fad and fashion, an utterly unnecessary extra duty in the bath, often painful. I’ve heard stories about infection and worse–mutilations requiring surgical intervention. And all for what? Freshly shaven it resembles a stuffed-up nostril, swollen, with a bit too much rouge. How is that better than natural? Think of the poor Mediterranean women with her more hirsute genetic make-up, and the daily curse it must mean to be nude beach presentable. A five o’clock shadow didn’t look good on Nixon. It doesn’t look appealing or comfortable on a woman either.

I speak for plenty of men, and I’m sure a lot of women tired of the nonsense and extra delicate hassle. Go natural, let yourselves bloom. Sure, trimming is acceptable, but keep the topiarist in check.

Suggestion? A neat little triangle, as nature intended, is best.

GaryG-Opinion, Nudist Bare Since 1999.

Sunsport Gardens Exposes Naked Truth About Nudism

The Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort is tucked away from prying eyes.


To get there, you have to drive down several dirt roads in the already remote western Palm Beach county town of Loxahatchee. Inside the gate, families and visitors are welcome to be free as jaybirds.

The resort boasts 40 acres of naked freedom and includes amenities like a pool, hot tub, and sand volleyball pits.

Don’t be fooled by the drum circle pit — this isn’t a Girl Scout camp. There are 50 permanent residents at Sunsport, including ten children.

But why would families want to live in a place where their children will see grown-up genitalia all day? 

“Because they grow up without body hangups,” said Morley Schloss, majority shareholder of the resort. “They grow up seeing varieties of body types.”

Schloss has been living the nudist lifestyle since he brought his wife and kids to Woodstock in 1969. Because of the dust, everyone was forced to bathe together in the lake at the concert-grounds. He said that experience changed his life.

Since then, Schloss has been an outstanding figure in the national nudist community.

Before he moved to Sunsport permanently, Schloss was a school administrator in Rochester, New York. During his time at the school he helped institute “top-free swims” for the elementary students.

Yes, his students were aware of his love for nudism. His state-level activism made the news during the period of time that New York state was instituting a “top-free” law. Schloss was influential in passing that law, which dictates that women can have their tops off anywhere men can. 

Now he and his second wife, Anne Fischer, live year-round at the resort in a trailer they say “doesn’t have much room for clothes.”

The youth director, a woman named Sandy, lives a few trailers down from the couple along with her 14-year-old son Bud and grandson, 2-year-old Xavier. 

It was there that we met Leslie, a nine-year-old nudist who lives at Sunsport with her parents, older brother Nathan, a large rabbit, a boxer dog, and two hermit crabs. When we first met her she was clothed and baking gingerbread cookies with Bud, Xavier, and Nathan.

But eventually Schloss brought me over to Leslie’s home to meet the rest of her family. There she was nude and gleefully playing with her pet rabbit. 

Her father was nude but her mother was clothed. Grey Vanaman has faced some serious opposition since bringing his family from New Jersey to South Florida. Although he didn’t want to go into much detail, he did say his extended family staged an intervention recently. 

“There’s nothing wrong about being a nudist,” he explained. “In fact, there’s everything right about it.”

While the Florida Department of Children and Families didn’t disagree or agree about children growing up in nudist communities, spokeswoman Terri Durdaller said “there are currently no rules or regulations about the situation.”

Despite the obvious difference between nudists and not, Schloss, Fischer, and Vanaman have found that they aren’t judged by the clothed members of society. They will frequently talk to grocery store clerks about the advantages of nudism. When flying, Fischer has talked nudism with TSA agents, whom she said are very interested.

Currently Schloss is one of nine people in North America to be elected to a position within the Naturist Action Committee. Through the committee he’s working to protect the current nude beaches in Florida, create more, and reestablish formerly nude beaches, like the beach at John D. Macarthur state park.

To read more about Leslie either follow the links throughout the story or click here.