Natural Nudists

It’s Time To Bring Back Bush…


Forgive the disquieting pun above. I’m a liberal and optimistic with our new administration. It’s the other “bush” I speak of, the natural “garden” women used to carry around with them, evident in all those vintage nudist photographs. Recently it’s been pruned and groomed out of existence to the point that the region looks blank and unfinished, not like a prepubescent girl’s private area (the intent, according to my personal theory), pending bloom, but like a plucked chicken, pre marinade.

Forgive me if I sound the prude. I’m really not. It was a nice look for awhile, on the right woman, but now it’s become the custom, post fad and fashion, an utterly unnecessary extra duty in the bath, often painful. I’ve heard stories about infection and worse–mutilations requiring surgical intervention. And all for what? Freshly shaven it resembles a stuffed-up nostril, swollen, with a bit too much rouge. How is that better than natural? Think of the poor Mediterranean women with her more hirsute genetic make-up, and the daily curse it must mean to be nude beach presentable. A five o’clock shadow didn’t look good on Nixon. It doesn’t look appealing or comfortable on a woman either.

I speak for plenty of men, and I’m sure a lot of women tired of the nonsense and extra delicate hassle. Go natural, let yourselves bloom. Sure, trimming is acceptable, but keep the topiarist in check.

Suggestion? A neat little triangle, as nature intended, is best.

GaryG-Opinion, Nudist Bare Since 1999.

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