Nudist Topless

It’s A Love Affair


I’ll be honest. I’m an avid nudist because I like the view. There nothing to me quite more stimulating and satisfying in multiple senses, from aesthetic to the more carnally tinted. There’s something about witnessing so freely and generously female beauty from young to old. The teen girl topless submerged in whatever is playing on her iPod has no idea of the gift conferred upon me by simply being herself thus exposed. It’s a heavenly exchange which I respect. I don’t gawk. I’m just walking by as I stroll the beach. If it’s a good, hot day in mid summer I’ll see hundreds of nude girls and women. In a normal, non-nudist life, how many will you see? You get my point.

I do enjoy tasteful nude photography, the Met Art and Domai variety, but nothing beats natural “nudists,” those strangers on nudist beaches around the world, simply being themselves. There’s no staring at the camera or posing, no pouty nonsense. The more unawares the better.

So it’s a love affair of sorts, a passion I can freely indulge around the world. It’s sensual and wholesome, stimulating and relaxing, and above all, one never, ever tires of the view.

Paul Baker Nexus Groups “Nudist Experience: Why I’m A Nudist”

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