Pool Parties

Maybe The Title Of This Blog Should Be Must Love Girls


 Candid teens and twenty-something “girls,” when they get together to just have some fun, have a tendency to do things that can men go wild, like skinny dipping in the backyard pool. Men typically don’t get on this way, but girls have no problem stripping down and being naked together. It seems as natural to them as breathing (just check the other candid nudity photography for proof). They also have no conscious objection to being photographed, as the bulk of candid nude pictures come from women.

We too do not object to this trend.

Candid Nudists

Candid Nude Girlfriends

Oh, Go Ahead


There are incidental moments of shared nudity before and following “intimate relations” that I have about them a coziness and chumminess that’s hard to describe. You’re just hanging out, naked, affectionate, touching and caressing, talking–I trust you’ve been there.

Being male I also happen to have a natural tendency to want to preserve the moment for the historical record. This is a genuine impulse without agenda. When a girl says, “Oh, go ahead” and smiles into the camera, usually with that twinkly glint in the eye suggesting naughtiness (especially when naked), the images capture their other-worldly charms. There’s an Hindu or some other Eastern suspicion that photographs can capture the soul–I think I agree.

When they say they don’t mind if I share the pictures, well, that nearly undoes me. “Really!?” “Sure,” she says.

Years later these photos have special meaning. They tend to survive breakups and divorce (how devious we men are). I don’t know if they ever think about them again.

Thankfully, they never seem to ask for them back.

Candid Nudist

Family Nudism At Home

There’s No Place Like Home


In a family with permissive attitudes toward nudity, claiming they’re practicing “home nudism” is a stretch in some imaginations, but tell me, how exactly should it look to you? It’s just people being naked, in this case within social atmosphere of the family.

Call it what you will, regardless of label it can be interesting to witness (See: Family Nudist Photo Album). Many Europeans haven’t bothered to give a name to how they behave at home, but in the eyes of the average American family, it decidedly “nudistic.” The fact of the matter is they’re simply not as hung-up with their bodies or body image. It is what it is. Brother is different from sister, mom from dad. No big deal.

But it is worth a thorough, photo-journalistic treatment, hence “Casual Home Nudity” (and “Candid Nudity“). Simple nudity enjoyed by real people sharing the planet with us.

Ed. “Family Nudism At Home”

Casual Nudism

Hanging Out Naked With Your Friends On A Warm Spring Day


There’s something about the nascent warmth of a Spring day that stirs up our Thoreau instincts–to commune with nature with as few intrusive accouterments as possible, to bare all to the freshening air and bountiful sun, societal conventions be damned. It’s something made even more enjoyable with company, especially when someone proposes something like, “Let’s sunbath naked.”

The after-school crowd, particularly near college campuses, often find themselves engaged in this sort of behavior, as so many digitally preserved examples illustrate: getting naked is getting popular when weather permits, and a degree of privacy is available (or in some cases privacy be damned, as samples from UNCG reveal).

It’s not sexual nudity so much as “buddy nudity.” When the coed gets naked with her school friends on the roof of the student union, an orgy isn’t on the agenda. It’s just a sensible thing to do if tanning to maximum effect. Who you get naked with, and who you have sex with, do not necessary involve the same roster (though the former may encourage the latter).

As far as we’re concerned, nudism doesn’t need a strict definition. It really only means enjoying yourself naked, particularly with company.

Ed. “Springtime Nudism: Getting Naked With Friends”

AANR to Sponsor Guinness Hula-Hoop World Record Attempt

American Association for Nude Recreation President Susan Weaver has announced this year’s event for Nude Recreation Week.


 We all had a great deal of fun the past two years setting and beating our own world record for simultaneous skinny-dipping. However, there is a great deal of paperwork involved and several event coordinators begged for at least a year of respite.

As it turns out, challenging an existing record is somewhat simpler than establishing a new one, and our PR Team has identified an existing record they think it will be fun to try and break — simultaneous hula hooping. So this July 9th, clubs and locales that want to register as part of this event will simultaneously set those hoops a-spinning to set a new world record.
As background, hula hooping dates back to 1957 when Richard Knerr and Arthur “Spud” Melin started promoting Australian exercise hoops. From July to November 1958, 24 million hula hoops had been made; by 1960, over 100 million hula hoops had been sold. The craze was on.
Like most fads, hula hooping comes in and out of fashion. It seems to be extremely popular with a diverse population right now, so AANR will be coordinating events at a number of localities on July 9, 2011 and reaching to beat the current record of 4,700 people hula hooping at once.
Skinny-dip Bear has already started practicing, as you can see from his picture on the AANR Facebook site.
We hope lots of folks will enjoy turning out for this fun event.

Diary of a Nudist

Nude Initiation Candids

When Heaven Meets Earth


“Initiation Nudity” is creeping into American consciousness as evidence of thriving practice in Europe seeps into mainstream sites with the usual shock and awe. Even high school students partake of nudity (or near so) in initiation rites–for freshmen.

One of the most provocative books I read in junior high was the Harrod Experiment, back before coed dorms were the norm. It carried the notion to mean a boy and girl sharing a single room, and of course the showers was unisex, adding to the allure. While the book is still a stretch in this country, communal, and coed, changing rooms and baths are common in Europe, and coed junior high nudity isn’t like a raise a stir.

In the seventies I viewed a film where bank customers were forced to strip to their underwear during a burglary (I forget which, but it wasn’t a remake of Inside Man which includes a similar scene). I thought how lucky it would have been to be a victim, albeit male. It was an exciting premise (to me), and the initiation pictures strike a similar tone, though circumstances are obviously contrived, the boys and girls know ahead of time of portends (so they were their best skivvies), and all is done in good humor.

Good humor is important, of course. Had I in my youth been told to assemble in the gym with my class and strip down–honestly, can you imagine?–I would have thought school the best of all possible worlds.

But a glimpse of such a Heaven back then could have inspired me to flunk a grade to secure repeat performances. I wonder if it’s a problem for the Swedes…

GraysonM for The Nude Review “Nude Initiation Ceremonies: More Reasons To Like Scandinavia”

Belize Nudism

Maybe It’s Your Destiny


If we can accept that we’re the architects of our own destinies, it’s fair to ask what the hell we’re doing online at looking at nudist pictures when we could be on a beach somewhere warm looking at nudes in the flesh. Well, life gets in the way. You’re either waiting to hear whether your mortgage modification has gone through or sending out your one hundredth resume. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’re stuck in a cubicle somewhere pulling in a salary. I’m not sure how being stuck in a cubicle anywhere is a form of luck, nor would I like to think it’s my or anyone else’s destiny.

It used to be Patrick’s destiny until he was fired. Unable to find a replacement job in a dying industry, he decided that Belize could provide some useful shade from which he could look out at the sunny stretches while contemplating his future. It was there that he discovered his interest in nudism photography, and as some of you know, the rest is history. He sold off his stateside assets to become a permanent beach lodger and write when not engaged in staring at the view (which happens to include a lot of German tourists).

Belize isn’t well known as a nudist Mecca, nor is it “legally” sanctioned, but with plenty of lonely beaches and keys, it’s ideally suited to nudism. As topless sunbathing is becoming the norm throughout the Caribbean, total nudity isn’t a big stretch, and even Mexico allows it on some beaches (See: “Zinbote Nudist Beach”).

Whether it’s your destiny or not, it can certainly be a hobby, and give you something to look forward to when the old cubicle begins feeling a little cramped.

Ed-“Caribbean Nudist Beaches: Belize Nudism”