Candid Nude Girlfriends

Oh, Go Ahead


There are incidental moments of shared nudity before and following “intimate relations” that I have about them a coziness and chumminess that’s hard to describe. You’re just hanging out, naked, affectionate, touching and caressing, talking–I trust you’ve been there.

Being male I also happen to have a natural tendency to want to preserve the moment for the historical record. This is a genuine impulse without agenda. When a girl says, “Oh, go ahead” and smiles into the camera, usually with that twinkly glint in the eye suggesting naughtiness (especially when naked), the images capture their other-worldly charms. There’s an Hindu or some other Eastern suspicion that photographs can capture the soul–I think I agree.

When they say they don’t mind if I share the pictures, well, that nearly undoes me. “Really!?” “Sure,” she says.

Years later these photos have special meaning. They tend to survive breakups and divorce (how devious we men are). I don’t know if they ever think about them again.

Thankfully, they never seem to ask for them back.

Candid Nudist

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