Clean Fun

Bath & Beyond


There’s a look of playful defeat in “gotcha” candid photography that mimics the Mona Lisa (I hope that’s not reaching too far). It’s a smile of consensual submission–“Okay, you got me, click away.” Showers, baths offer perfect opportunities. When the subject is cooperative, seemingly pleased to be worthy of a digital moment, it definitely adds something. “Do you can care if I post it? You don’t?” Well, there’s Freud all over those feelings that rush in like a freight train.

Candid Nudism

Car Nudity

Baby You Can Drive My Car


It can break the tedium of long drives, get the synapses a boost, create excitement for what awaits at the destination. It’s all-American, the original lap-dance of the New World. Frankly, it’s dangerous. But so is texting.

Who hasn’t, in the course of a long, boring slog in the Volvo, been tempted to ask the girlfriend or wife (even your own) to display her breasts? It’s right up there with navigation duties. It’s fair exchange–honey, help me wake up, our safety’s at stake.

Even around town it’s fun, particularly at stop lights. However you enjoy it, take a picture. It’ll last forever there in your sock drawer.

Or we’d be happy to put in on the Web for you.

Candid Nudit

Candid Nudity Around The House

Impromptu Is Best


 My wife said sure, I could take a picture of her nude, and then post it online. I was flummoxed. You mean, really, I can? Then of course came the wondering what it all really meant. She wants to be nude online? She doesn’t care if other men see her nude? SHE WANTS IT? Rather than horror, I felt horny. Incredibly horny. I hadn’t before realized the idea of other men seeing her nude could be such a turn-on.

I’ve now taken dozens of shots and had them posted with great discrimination online, on sites that don’t make one cringe and gasp (like this one). Not only does it fill me with pride to have a lovely wife, it gives me a private stir knowing others may covet what I have. I realize that’s a fairly low-brow emotion, but it is true.

What I like about pure candid photography is the absence of artifice. Hey, smile! Got ya! No set up or pout. Just a smile, there, naked on the counter when goofing off together. Aren’t we having fun. That’s the whole story.

Does she get turned on knowing other men are viewing her nude? She replies with twinkly eyes and another smile, but no words. But when making love I’m sure she thinks of it a little, and why not? I’ve had a fantasy or two in my time of being nude in front strangers and I’m sure it work both ways.

Lord knows, I have no interest porn. But an impromptu peak at simple nudity, particularly when it’s my wife–yeah, I find it very interesting, and stimulating. That my wife goes along with it is a gift.

Candid Nudist

Casual Nudity, Kitchen?

The Joys Of Having A Houseful Of Teen Visitors


Visiting an old college friend I made one of those frank admissions that only seem to follow several helpings of scotch. I told him how much I enjoyed it when my daughter had her college friends over for visits, and that just having them around made me feel good. He concurred. There’s nothing like having young women fussing over you.

Of course this is a “look, don’t touch” situation, and gentlemen, if you can’t control yourselves stay clear. I understand that some don’t see the point of simply appreciating their beauty as you would a fine piece of art. If you do, then simple snapshots of impromptu moments of nudity (as above) might strike the right chord. Casual nudity, gently offered by innocent girls unashamed of their bodies, well, there are few things better.

So if you find you’re somewhat eager for those holiday house-fulls of your daughter’s friends, we understand. If you do appreciate art, you’ll note it’s a been well documented preoccupation over the ages. Simple nudity has inspired many a masterpiece.

Candid Nudists

Nudist Gabfests, Friends

They May As Well Be Standing
In A Starbucks


While there is some initial shock and awe when experiencing nudism for the first time, soon enough you forget the state of your sartorial affairs and adapt. You might not think standing naked on a crowded very relaxing, but in fact, without a suit to manage, your mind resumes its usual ho-hum deliberations, social chat slips into easy, topical fare.

The nudist pictures

Candid Bedroom Nudity & Near Nudity

The Agony & The Ecstasy: Teen Bedrooms


There’s no question about it. All men know of the agony and the ecstasy of their teen girlfriend’s bedrooms. It’s where womanhood gently and relentlessly took over their bodies, hourly and daily filling them with alluring scent and shape. It’s where they prepared for their day, posed for their mirrors, and most importantly, tried on their new underwear (it takes a grown man to admit it). The dressers held treasures of lace and other secrets hid beneath their jumpers and school uniforms. If we were lucky, we were invited within. If even luckier…

In their college dorms we would investigate their rooms like Sherlock Holmes attending a mystery, looking for clues of their closed-door activity. Seeing their laundry spill to the floor, just knowing where it had been, was high eroticism. There we were sharing space with the girl and her private things out on haphazard display. Did they know how it affected us?

My ex wife once told me her teen bedroom was Eagle’s Nest of ploys and schemes to be hot. Ten different outfits would be and off (ten episodes of changing) in a scant few minutes. Were her breasts adequately highlighted? Should she show more leg? Less? Appropriately (or inappropriately) attired and coiffed, she and her friends would set out to drive boys mad.

As far as I remember, it worked.

Candid Nudist

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Vacation Nudity

Let’s Order Room Service


There’s a film with Annie McDowell wherein her husbands asks her, while waiting for room service in their hotel suite, to answer the door when their order arrived. Now, I’ve been that husband, so I know what was going on in his head. For some reason the prospect is a little titillating. There, I’ve said it out loud.

But that’s really just an aside… Vacation nudity, which is by nature casual, involves hotel rooms, resort suites and summer cabins, tents–anywhere where people are changing or hanging out less than fully clothed in strange places (not their usual spaces for such things). It also include school trips with overnights, staying in youth hostels, and (in one intriguing scenario, sleeper cars on trains).

In the series above (girls on spring break sharing a room), coeds sharing some wine in their suite while plotting their dinner plans, there is absolutely no need for pouty looks or scandalous behavior to make the scene interesting. How many times have you walked by a hotel room and heard girls laughing and wished you could be a fly on their wall? In my case I’ve lost count.

Hence the intrigue. It’s doesn’t work for everyone, but if works for you, it really, really does.

Ed. (“Vacation Nudity: Candid Cameras”)

Candid Nudist