Vacation Nudity

Let’s Order Room Service


There’s a film with Annie McDowell wherein her husbands asks her, while waiting for room service in their hotel suite, to answer the door when their order arrived. Now, I’ve been that husband, so I know what was going on in his head. For some reason the prospect is a little titillating. There, I’ve said it out loud.

But that’s really just an aside… Vacation nudity, which is by nature casual, involves hotel rooms, resort suites and summer cabins, tents–anywhere where people are changing or hanging out less than fully clothed in strange places (not their usual spaces for such things). It also include school trips with overnights, staying in youth hostels, and (in one intriguing scenario, sleeper cars on trains).

In the series above (girls on spring break sharing a room), coeds sharing some wine in their suite while plotting their dinner plans, there is absolutely no need for pouty looks or scandalous behavior to make the scene interesting. How many times have you walked by a hotel room and heard girls laughing and wished you could be a fly on their wall? In my case I’ve lost count.

Hence the intrigue. It’s doesn’t work for everyone, but if works for you, it really, really does.

Ed. (“Vacation Nudity: Candid Cameras”)

Candid Nudist

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