Candid Bedroom Nudity & Near Nudity

The Agony & The Ecstasy: Teen Bedrooms


There’s no question about it. All men know of the agony and the ecstasy of their teen girlfriend’s bedrooms. It’s where womanhood gently and relentlessly took over their bodies, hourly and daily filling them with alluring scent and shape. It’s where they prepared for their day, posed for their mirrors, and most importantly, tried on their new underwear (it takes a grown man to admit it). The dressers held treasures of lace and other secrets hid beneath their jumpers and school uniforms. If we were lucky, we were invited within. If even luckier…

In their college dorms we would investigate their rooms like Sherlock Holmes attending a mystery, looking for clues of their closed-door activity. Seeing their laundry spill to the floor, just knowing where it had been, was high eroticism. There we were sharing space with the girl and her private things out on haphazard display. Did they know how it affected us?

My ex wife once told me her teen bedroom was Eagle’s Nest of ploys and schemes to be hot. Ten different outfits would be and off (ten episodes of changing) in a scant few minutes. Were her breasts adequately highlighted? Should she show more leg? Less? Appropriately (or inappropriately) attired and coiffed, she and her friends would set out to drive boys mad.

As far as I remember, it worked.

Candid Nudist

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