Casual Nudity, Kitchen?

The Joys Of Having A Houseful Of Teen Visitors


Visiting an old college friend I made one of those frank admissions that only seem to follow several helpings of scotch. I told him how much I enjoyed it when my daughter had her college friends over for visits, and that just having them around made me feel good. He concurred. There’s nothing like having young women fussing over you.

Of course this is a “look, don’t touch” situation, and gentlemen, if you can’t control yourselves stay clear. I understand that some don’t see the point of simply appreciating their beauty as you would a fine piece of art. If you do, then simple snapshots of impromptu moments of nudity (as above) might strike the right chord. Casual nudity, gently offered by innocent girls unashamed of their bodies, well, there are few things better.

So if you find you’re somewhat eager for those holiday house-fulls of your daughter’s friends, we understand. If you do appreciate art, you’ll note it’s a been well documented preoccupation over the ages. Simple nudity has inspired many a masterpiece.

Candid Nudists

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