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Natural Nudes, Playful Nudity


Life Is Good, Then It Gets Better…
Let’s say you’re lying on your towel at a European nudist beach enjoying your surroundings when your peripheral vision picks-up some blonde activity streaming into your vicinity. A group of Dutch girls on holiday has arrived. This may sound like purple prose to the uninitiated, the opening lines of a male fantasy, except it’s a fairly typical scenario for a day on the beach in Europe.

American Topless
 More and more American women are wearing less and less on public beaches. While not exactly a sweeping trend, there is definitely movement in a “top-free” direction occurring on our beaches.

Playful Nudity
There isn’t a hundred percent agreement on this point, but playful or candid nudity does sprout from the same seed as nudism and body freedom–just the context varies. At home a “joyful exhibition” can hold a mix of free-spiritedness and perhaps impromptu naughtiness, a flirty way of having fun.

Natural Nudist
General opinion among older nudists (35+) is the majority prefer “unshaven” but mildly groomed nether regions for both men and women. It goes the other way for younger nudists, which may relate to how the media treated pubic hair as we grew up. Of course, “media” today means something entirely different than it did twenty years ago. Ed

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Candid Nudity, Get Your Clothes On

The New Normal. See Me Naked? Big Deal.


Off frame booms a voice, “Caitlen, get your clothes on!” Caitlen stares bemused at the camera, rolls her eyeballs, and shrieks “Yes Mother!” but keeps right on shooting, taking control of the camera to pan her friends, variously “near nude” in silly outfits. It’s one way to beat boredom and a great way to exasparate one’s mother.

Teens of the day, nearly second generational Internet wise, can’t help but ingest copious amounts of nudity by the time they become of age. When they become of age they get their first cell phones and the idea that sending a topless images could be a hoot (check your kid’s cell phone image bank if you don’t believe me). They’re not being objectified. They’re objectifying the recipient, committing them to the ranks of “I saw you naked” without their consent, making them accomplice.

Girls used to ham it up for the camera dressing up as their mothers. Now they ham it up by dressing down, baring themselves strategically, posting the normal course of their development in diary fashion across a digital ether. Where it ends up–well, we know where it ends up.

It would creepy to appreciate another’s impulse to reveal themselves naked if it wasn’t so lighthearted. In in the end it banishes forever the fear of being caught compromisingly nude. You saw me naked? So what? Everyone has. Imagine yourself being thus armed.

Me? Naked? Big deal.

Candid Nudity

Counter-Culture Nudity

Will I Fit In?


Fiftyish and newly single, and reconnected with a few old friends from college, one is prone to lengthy reflections on earlier years when nothing seemed impossible and the future was an open book. Now somewhat at the other end of life, wondering what was missed comes to mind. I never made it to Burning Man, for example.

Was it too late? And did it have anything for me? What about that commune north of San Francisco? I hear some old hippies run it, who might be forgiving of my corporate career (which summarily dismissed me two years ago). My life could have gone that way (had a sixties vibe), but instead I went for the money, mortgage and marriage. Maybe revisiting the counter-culture now could inspire me.

I mentioned this to an old college friend (but not a true friend, in that I don’t much care for him). I added the possibility of “communal nudity” and how I wouldn’t mind “running naked in the woods with couple nymphs.” “No one wants to see your sorry ass,” he offered, somewhat spitefully. Well, excuse me, but I’m in good shape (unlike him).

But really, can a man in his fifties with gray features legitimately walk around naked with young women and not cause shock and awe? There’s evidence proving he can, and fairly vibrant, inviting communities out there for we men willing to risk an all-over tan. Just don’t tell my friend.  (MarkJ for The Nude Review “Nudism & Fitting-In”)

Perambulating Nudists

French Teens


Visiting a French beach during high season should be on everyone’s bucket list, particularly if they enjoy breathtaking scenery. It never fails to strike me how appealing confident nudity is, as exemplified by French teenagers.

The way they move about, get up, sit down or frolic. It’s inspiring. If an American girl happens to be among them, by her body English she will stand out (though not in a good or bad way). For that matter,

German girls have their own peculiar confidence, but expressed through a sheen of boredom (or something–I haven’t quite figured it out). Your inner anthropologist will enjoy unraveling the reasons for all of this.

Candid Nudism

Social Nudism, Nude Sunbathing


It Takes A Tribe
Nudism really is considered a social recreation, and in Europe is abundantly appreciated as such. Family nudist resorts don’t draw any particular attention, and the nude mingling of ages and genders isn’t given a second thought. It fact, much of the activity is centered around family participation and enjoyment, from body painting to (yes) leap-frog and chilli competitions.

Nudist Behaviors At Home
Home nudists have their own magazine within our magazine (Casual Home Nudity) that celebrates a liberal attitude toward nudity with family and friends. It’s where “body freedom” begins, a respectful, unashamed acceptance that the human body needn’t be covered-up when weather or circumstances permit otherwise.

Vintage Nudism
There’s something about hairstyles from the Sixties and Seventies that lends nudist photography an odd sort of intimacy, like these were our times (speaking as a boomer), and women exuded a naturalness that present day nude photography fails to grasp. Or it could just be me.
Nudist Pictures

Full Spectrum Nudism

Frisky Nudists


 It could be supposed that nudists risk crossing a line that textile-encased bathers didn’t worry about. Being naked and touching your naked mate could evoke responses that highlight the lack of concealing swimwear.

A beach erection is one thing hiding in a bathing suit, quite another when wearing nothing more than a few flecks of sand. It’s our opinion that we needn’t worry much as long as your frisky behaviors conform to normal beach behavior.

 Go ahead and have a cuddle, a playful fondle, and let’s save our worries for things that really matter.

Nudist Pictures

Nude Fun


Nude Pride
Consider yourself lucky if your attractive wife or girlfriend doesn’t mind you taking nude pictures of her. The vast majority of women don’t permit it, while a surprising majority of younger women and teens nearly expect it. (I suppose they’re upset if you don’t want to. Times have changed.)

Goofing Off Nude

It’s what backyards are made for. Not all motion nudist photography is photogenic (there are “flopping around” issues) but when it works, it’s worth having a look, plus the people doing it seem to be having fun. Notice how we don’t say things like “it’s hot” or “babes” to sell our point. You’re welcome.


From the Cigar Box, more memories of yore, or specifically our youth, when personal “trimming” wasn’t quite the fashion and our girlfriends exuded a naturalness that bewilders us in this new over groomed century. By now you have learned that catching up on Facebook can produce some dismaying results, but our pictures, stealthfully preserved through countless moves and multiple marriages, still do the trick (yes, we pretty much all have our collections). Ed.

Candid Nudity