Dutch Nudists …..

Natural Nudes, Playful Nudity


Life Is Good, Then It Gets Better…
Let’s say you’re lying on your towel at a European nudist beach enjoying your surroundings when your peripheral vision picks-up some blonde activity streaming into your vicinity. A group of Dutch girls on holiday has arrived. This may sound like purple prose to the uninitiated, the opening lines of a male fantasy, except it’s a fairly typical scenario for a day on the beach in Europe.

American Topless
 More and more American women are wearing less and less on public beaches. While not exactly a sweeping trend, there is definitely movement in a “top-free” direction occurring on our beaches.

Playful Nudity
There isn’t a hundred percent agreement on this point, but playful or candid nudity does sprout from the same seed as nudism and body freedom–just the context varies. At home a “joyful exhibition” can hold a mix of free-spiritedness and perhaps impromptu naughtiness, a flirty way of having fun.

Natural Nudist
General opinion among older nudists (35+) is the majority prefer “unshaven” but mildly groomed nether regions for both men and women. It goes the other way for younger nudists, which may relate to how the media treated pubic hair as we grew up. Of course, “media” today means something entirely different than it did twenty years ago. Ed

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