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Is My Wife Too Into It? Or Is It Just Me?


Couples experimenting with nudism or even just topless sunbathing for the first time often gives rise to unanticipated emotional issues. “My wife was just so into it! It made me a little crazy to see her socializing nude. She was so confident whereas I was totally self-conscious. Seeing her naked around strange new men–it was unreal.” The upside, according to workshop coordinators, is it reinvigorates the relationship. “Seeing their mates in this new light tends to reinforce the bond. It’s basic Darwinism, or survival of fittest. It’s not voodoo.”

Another real problem is men who feel their wives aren’t “fit enough” to be seen naked. “The truth is, some men are relatively fit but their wives have really let it go. Of course, it works the other way too. But with the couples considering giving nudism a try, it’s usually the man doing the pushing.” Pruitt, a workshop organizer, said. I’ve seen women lose fifty pounds from one year to the next. They could see how much fun the fit women were having, while they hid themselves. Now it’s their turn.” Pruitt said “looks” had very little to do with comfort being nude, but fitness did. “If you’ve got a gut, you know it and I know it. In a suit you can downplay it. Naked you have no option other than being fit.”

“What I want to stress,” continued Pruitt, “Is that the nudism we advocate for couples is about enriching their relationship. It really does help couples reconnect. It’s not at all about hooking-up with strangers or swinging, which we [The Nude Review] are not in the business of advocating.” (“Tulum Couples Workshop”)

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Teen Summers Are Great

It’s Always Sunny In The Carolinas


And in Georgia, Florida, Alabama and beyond for that matter… Our nation’s heat and humidty along the Eastern Seaboard in summer months was good not only for adding some atmosphere to Tennessee Williams plays, but also for encouraging people to seek relief, and often that involves wearing as little as possible.

Teens have the least trouble deciding what not to wear, and while moms and dads are away earning their keep (and even not, depending on the family), they’re prone to flinging caution to the wind as well as their underpants (or swimsuits–whatever).

There’s in fact a lot of nudity going on in summer months, and teens tend to produce the bulk of it. In and around beach and lake cottages, wearing very little is just a matter of fact, and wearing nothing at all a matter of preference.

In other words, while traditional nudist photography is great (from nude beaches, lakes, nudist resorts, etc.) there’s much more to the story than the typical fare presented in Web magazines, hence Nudist House and Candid Nudity. The spirit that permits nudism in its broad social context often enjoys wonderful and intriguing expression when enjoyed in less typically nudist environments.

Skinny dipping
Is often a result, and photography capturing people in the act, including their candid, hesitating initial forays, is a favorite. There’s something remarkably innocent and fun about swimming nekkid, and it’s delightful to see teens enjoying it for themselves

Another aspect of summer heat waves
Is the fact that some beach and lake cottages simply never cool off. The casual attire of summer becomes even more so as sometimes the best way to chill is to wear nothing at all.

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Russian Nudism, Nudists Home, Americans Abroad

Nudist Parks, Festivals, Camps & Beaches


Russians of all ages embrace the idea of body freedom like a religion or right, a practice that entails very little deliberation. The idea of a beach being “nudist” sanctioned barely exists, as anywhere the sun is shining becomes will do. Clothes come off in city parks as readily as they might on the French Riviera In particular, several festivals occur annually that feature pagan overtones, bonfires, dancing, lemming style group swims, all in the buff, which all come off as very life embracing and affirming. A sponsored trip to one of our favorites brought fifty Americans, and more than triple that number have committed this year. (Russian Nudism) 

Americans Abroad
Many young Americans will experience their first nude or topless beach this during summer trips to Europe. How can you tell which are the Americans on the the continent’s beaches? Tan lines offer a clue. (American Teens On European Beaches)

Home Nudism
Early summer heat waves mean home nudity enters high season, with reports from Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, California and Arizona. (Nudist House) Rebo

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Naturism in the world

Romanian Nudist, Urban Nudism, Caribbean Nudist Resorts
Romanian Nudist Beaches
Few American tourists populate the highly variable Romanian beach scene (and fewer yet realize it has a Black Sea coastline), but Europeans do, and several destinations are developing their nudist chops in that family way that Eastern Europeans do so well. Erornie Nord is popular with the clothing optional crowd, as is Lake Techirghiol, a name that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Otherwise the beaches are hit or miss, with many needing a clean-up and perhaps a rethink of the beach-bar scene, which varies from obnoxious to just as you’d wish it to be. As for the local talent, Romanian girls are among the world’s most attractive. Who’d thought? Or why would you have thought otherwise?

Urban Nudism
Not exactly a trend in this country, so when it happens it’s noteworthy, such as in Central Park, or along the Charles River in Boston. Of course, in Europe it no longer turns heads, unless they belong to American tourists.In the suburbs, urban means backyard patios and pools, sundecks, sometimes risky arrangements where privacy is iffy should a passersby look over the fence. (See “Nudist House.)

Caribbean Nudism
My question is this–all things being equal, if given the option to go to a nudist beach or a textile beach, why would anyone choose the latter? As Caribbean resorts develop their non-prude beach options, many are going with the former. Club Orient is one popular destination on the island of St. Martin in the French West Indies. It’s azure waters and brilliant sand hosts an average annual temperature of 85 degrees, and was home to Jimmy Buffet’s first Cheeseburger In Paradise. It’s particularly popular for groups of couples, where many end-up imbibing social nudity for the first time. Ed

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Metropolitain Nudism, Indoor Nudists, Hedonism II Weirdness

Who Needs France?


If you’re looking for a “hot-down, summer in the city” vibe this season, head to New York. Within easy commute are Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, Lighthouse Beach and Fire Island, all beckoning you to abandon your swimsuits and get your all-over tan on. Even Brooklyn has a nude beach, but you’ll prefer the others for their ambiance. And there’s nothing like seeing your local Citibank teller nude or topless.

Keeping Cool Indoors, Spending the weekends nude at home may be your preferred nudism method and makes staycations that much more enjoyable. Scampering around the house and garden nude with a partner is best.

Leave The Kids At Home, Some find week long retreats to Hedonism II just the thing to revive a marriage or relationship. If you don’t mind weird, and have always been curious about the mating habits of Cleveland appliance salesmen or Atlanta-based air-hostesses, consider planning a trip there. Ed

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