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Nudist Parks, Festivals, Camps & Beaches


Russians of all ages embrace the idea of body freedom like a religion or right, a practice that entails very little deliberation. The idea of a beach being “nudist” sanctioned barely exists, as anywhere the sun is shining becomes will do. Clothes come off in city parks as readily as they might on the French Riviera In particular, several festivals occur annually that feature pagan overtones, bonfires, dancing, lemming style group swims, all in the buff, which all come off as very life embracing and affirming. A sponsored trip to one of our favorites brought fifty Americans, and more than triple that number have committed this year. (Russian Nudism) 

Americans Abroad
Many young Americans will experience their first nude or topless beach this during summer trips to Europe. How can you tell which are the Americans on the the continent’s beaches? Tan lines offer a clue. (American Teens On European Beaches)

Home Nudism
Early summer heat waves mean home nudity enters high season, with reports from Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, California and Arizona. (Nudist House) Rebo

The nud Review nudistscorp

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