Teen Summers Are Great

It’s Always Sunny In The Carolinas


And in Georgia, Florida, Alabama and beyond for that matter… Our nation’s heat and humidty along the Eastern Seaboard in summer months was good not only for adding some atmosphere to Tennessee Williams plays, but also for encouraging people to seek relief, and often that involves wearing as little as possible.

Teens have the least trouble deciding what not to wear, and while moms and dads are away earning their keep (and even not, depending on the family), they’re prone to flinging caution to the wind as well as their underpants (or swimsuits–whatever).

There’s in fact a lot of nudity going on in summer months, and teens tend to produce the bulk of it. In and around beach and lake cottages, wearing very little is just a matter of fact, and wearing nothing at all a matter of preference.

In other words, while traditional nudist photography is great (from nude beaches, lakes, nudist resorts, etc.) there’s much more to the story than the typical fare presented in Web magazines, hence Nudist House and Candid Nudity. The spirit that permits nudism in its broad social context often enjoys wonderful and intriguing expression when enjoyed in less typically nudist environments.

Skinny dipping
Is often a result, and photography capturing people in the act, including their candid, hesitating initial forays, is a favorite. There’s something remarkably innocent and fun about swimming nekkid, and it’s delightful to see teens enjoying it for themselves

Another aspect of summer heat waves
Is the fact that some beach and lake cottages simply never cool off. The casual attire of summer becomes even more so as sometimes the best way to chill is to wear nothing at all.

Nudistscorp The Nude Review

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