Nudist Experience

Is My Wife Too Into It? Or Is It Just Me?


Couples experimenting with nudism or even just topless sunbathing for the first time often gives rise to unanticipated emotional issues. “My wife was just so into it! It made me a little crazy to see her socializing nude. She was so confident whereas I was totally self-conscious. Seeing her naked around strange new men–it was unreal.” The upside, according to workshop coordinators, is it reinvigorates the relationship. “Seeing their mates in this new light tends to reinforce the bond. It’s basic Darwinism, or survival of fittest. It’s not voodoo.”

Another real problem is men who feel their wives aren’t “fit enough” to be seen naked. “The truth is, some men are relatively fit but their wives have really let it go. Of course, it works the other way too. But with the couples considering giving nudism a try, it’s usually the man doing the pushing.” Pruitt, a workshop organizer, said. I’ve seen women lose fifty pounds from one year to the next. They could see how much fun the fit women were having, while they hid themselves. Now it’s their turn.” Pruitt said “looks” had very little to do with comfort being nude, but fitness did. “If you’ve got a gut, you know it and I know it. In a suit you can downplay it. Naked you have no option other than being fit.”

“What I want to stress,” continued Pruitt, “Is that the nudism we advocate for couples is about enriching their relationship. It really does help couples reconnect. It’s not at all about hooking-up with strangers or swinging, which we [The Nude Review] are not in the business of advocating.” (“Tulum Couples Workshop”)

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