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It’s Very Popular There
You would almost think nudism was born in this former Iron Curtain country. Maybe it’s the long winters and recent long history with frugal living that made the cheap, simple past time of nudist recreation so appealing. Or it could be they know a good thing when they see it. (“Nudist Ukraine”) 

On Going Savage

Nudist vacations afford couples the opportunity to really let it all hang out. And spending an entire day or even week all nekkid brings out your natural warrior (and fine-tunes other aspects of your life as well).

Skin Diving For Real

When Carole booked a day trip to dive with whale sharks off the Yucatan coast, she didn’t realize it was tied to an adult nudist resort. “Diving nude in an warm open ocean with magnificent sea creatures–you remember that sort of thing.”

Nudist House

Spending summer at home has it rewards. No fuss with travel, and if you have a backyard pool and made some attempt at fencing, hanging out naked with friends or just your significant other is vacation enough.

Teen Skinny Dippers

 Perhaps even more intriguing is teens using their summer breaks and home-alone status (with mom and dad at work) to enjoy the family pool sans swimwear.

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Whole Day Nude

A music video by nudist for nudist. Newd is not Lewd.

Whole Day Nude Music Video Director Roland Smith of Paradise Studios Hollywood says this production will rival any of the top clothed music videos that have been produced and that it will be a piece de resistance.

The Producer Corky Stanton of, Philip Fayne also of, Roland and I are all very excited about the possibilities!

DeAnza Springs Resort will be the primary location for the shoot and we’ll also get footage from other cool spots in or near the area. Members of the VitaNuda West group will also be in the shoot and a girl I haven’t yet met will be paired with me!

Nudist Heat Wave

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Planet Odd: It’s Cooler In The Caribbean

Summer is normally low-season in the Caribbean as folks stick to their usually cooler northern climes. This year it’s cooler in Jamaica right now than in St. Louis. Who’d thought? Anyway, the topic is vacations that involve nudist or topless behaviors, and of course the photographic and video evidence thereof. If you’re sailing the Caribbean right now you’re notice larger than usual crowds and of course ever more nudity (each season more and more resorts open to the idea). If you’re sitting by your air conditioner attempting to escape the current heat wave in the U.S., consider clicking over to Expedia or your favorite travel to book a trip.

Summer Break & Teen Nudists

You don’t need a dedicated resort to host a nudist intervention–your local watering hole will suffice. Teens on summer break enduring few opportunities for part-time employment are making the most of it. Ubiquitous digital cameras offer some proof that they’re dealing with the heat in a nudist way.

EuroTeen Nudist Camping

Across the pond European teens have begun their late-start summer break, which means heading anywhere there’s a beach. Camping is big there, and there are plenty of campgrounds with very open policies on nudity, even for families.

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Casual Nudity – Kitchen?

The Joys Of Having A Houseful Of Teen Visitors


Visiting an old college friend I made one of those frank admissions that only seem to follow several helpings of scotch. I told him how much I enjoyed it when my daughter had her college friends over for visits, and that just having them around made me feel good. He concurred. There’s nothing like having young women fussing over you.

Of course this is a “look, don’t touch” situation, and gentlemen, if you can’t control yourselves stay clear. I understand that some don’t see the point of simply appreciating their beauty as you would a fine piece of art. If you do, then simple snapshots of impromptu moments of nudity (as above) might strike the right chord. Casual nudity, gently offered by innocent girls unashamed of their bodies, well, there are few things better.

So if you find you’re somewhat eager for those holiday house-fulls of your daughter’s friends, we understand. If you do appreciate art, you’ll note it’s a been well documented preoccupation over the ages. Simple nudity has inspired many a masterpiece.

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Family Reunions

Relative Silliness


When my uncle Bill’s family came to visit over the summer holidays, it meant my brother and I would have to sleep on the porch while his three daughters shared our room, just the other side of the window facing us.

The short story is, we were all teenagers. If you think it’s silly to reflect, some twenty years on, about those steaming summers full of young relatives, with all their variously charged hormones, I guess I wouldn’t put up much of argument. Maybe you just had to be there.

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The Naturist Society

The term “naturist” means different things to different people.


To some, it suggests a carefully considered way of life—a philosophy, no less. To others, naturism is nothing more than a day at the nude beach.

Here at The Naturist Society, we have members who are deeply committed to naturism, and view it as an integral part of their lives. We also have members who don’t give the philosophical side of naturism much thought. They just know that not wearing clothes feels better and makes more sense than wearing them.

Chances are, you fall somewhere in between. It doesn’t really matter where you are on the naturist spectrum. If you enjoy skinny-dipping, sunbathing nude, or that feeling of freedom while nude, then TNS membership is for you.

Membership in The Naturist Society offers an opportunity to learn more about the fascinating world of naturism, its history and philosophy, the challenges and opportunities.

No matter how deep your commitment to naturism, as a TNS member you’ll gain new insights into the naturist lifestyle.

Whether you view naturism as a way of life or a form of recreation, join TNS and experience naturism in all its variety.

To see why others have joined the Naturist Society’s family please take a look at the following video testimonials on You Tube.

Topless Beaches, Condo Nudists, Family Nudity


Topless Counts

Since 1996 when we began publishing on the Web, we’ve treated topless sunbathing as nudism of a kind–partial, perhaps, but an act of body freedom nonetheless. Plus, topless women, and particularly teens, make wonderful subjects for journalistic inquest. Where is it happening? What ages partake? What’s the public reaction? How do you talk to a topless stranger? All interesting questions. (“The Topless Sun”)

Family Nudity
Some women wouldn’t think twice about going topless or nude in front of their children, and certainly not outdoors. Others wouldn’t think twice about not doing so. In families where nudity is the norm, how do kids react, especially when puberty is on the horizon? The evidence seems to indicate they react rather well. 
Condo Nudist
If you’re old enough, you may recall the sensation created by the pulp novel and subsequent movie “The Harrad Experiment,” a sex manifesto of a kind using the Sixties for momentum. Coed living was the central premise, in a no-holds-barred sort of way. Nudity was a central component. Today there are real-life living arrangements following similar plot-lines.
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