Nudist Heat Wave

Naturist travel


Planet Odd: It’s Cooler In The Caribbean

Summer is normally low-season in the Caribbean as folks stick to their usually cooler northern climes. This year it’s cooler in Jamaica right now than in St. Louis. Who’d thought? Anyway, the topic is vacations that involve nudist or topless behaviors, and of course the photographic and video evidence thereof. If you’re sailing the Caribbean right now you’re notice larger than usual crowds and of course ever more nudity (each season more and more resorts open to the idea). If you’re sitting by your air conditioner attempting to escape the current heat wave in the U.S., consider clicking over to Expedia or your favorite travel to book a trip.

Summer Break & Teen Nudists

You don’t need a dedicated resort to host a nudist intervention–your local watering hole will suffice. Teens on summer break enduring few opportunities for part-time employment are making the most of it. Ubiquitous digital cameras offer some proof that they’re dealing with the heat in a nudist way.

EuroTeen Nudist Camping

Across the pond European teens have begun their late-start summer break, which means heading anywhere there’s a beach. Camping is big there, and there are plenty of campgrounds with very open policies on nudity, even for families.

The Nude Review Nudist Corp

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