Living Nude

When Covering Up Is Optional


“Everyone spends some part of their day nude. I suppose when we stretch the boundaries of where exactly we permit ourselves to be found nude, and for how long, determines whether it counts as “living nude”–in other words, takes on that moniker. Yes, I like being nude, whether I’m doing laundry, vacuuming or just lying on the back deck sunbathing, even when the kids are around. 

Candid Teens

People who are comfortable hanging around the house either nude, topless or just in their underwear epitomize the body freedom spirit we like to embrace ourselves. And when teens do it, and capture their casual attitudes via digital cameras, they don’t mind sharing

It’s Never Too Early

Don’t have a hot tub? Call your local spa dealer and get one! (it’ll take some time to get installed). With that in mind, hot-tubs are also fun on summer nights.

The Nude Review

Nudist World


French Teen Nudists
Photography Marc Brunel makes teen nudists his hobby as he travels the beaches of France. He started twelve years ago with this magazine and has sold features to major travel magazines across Europe and the U.S., and is a regular contributor to Lonely Planet. He is also working on his book the “Frugal Nudist: Living Free.”

Bold Nudism
Some beaches are just meant for nudists with a taste for the exotic. From Jamaica to Hawaii nature provides some very sensual backdrops for impromptu savagery of the lustful variety.

Living Nude
In Nudist House more means less, by way of nudist staycations for the whole family.

Candid Nudism
Summer nights are meant for teens determined to beat the heat. From South Carolina to Maine skinny dipping and naked bonfire jumping help fill the hours.

The Nude Review

Nudists Lifestyles

Isn’t Nudism Great?

“When I think of it, there are few things I’d rather do on my weekends than hangout with a bunch of naked people playing on a beach, which is the simple fact about nudism: It’s all about social nudity. When my wife and I first experimented with nudism we were a little hesitant that first time we stripped down (on Haulover Beach, Florida). Imagine, if you’ve never done so before, standing on a crowded public beach and taking your suit off. It’s quite a rush. But what’s amazing is how quickly you get used to it. There you are dangling for the whole world to see and no one points a finger at you–or gasps. It’s a tremendous relief…”

Teen Nudists In Nature

Often the first time we find ourselves naked with the opposite sex is outside in nature. We didn’t call it “nudism,” but we knew it was something we’d like to repeat. And often.

Naked In Mexico

It’s not all guns and tortillas down there–Zipote, Mexico is a haven for counter-culture enthusiasts, including lots of American teens who wear the warm and sea literally (and nothing else).

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Southern Nudists

Makes The Heat And Humidity Worth It

The up side to living where it’s warm and humid most of the year is outdoor activities. Enjoying the outdoors with minimal fuss and little or no clothing comes to mind, if you like the idea of communing with nature, or simply your own backyard, without the formality of attire of any kind. Because we often think of the south as conservative and therefore non-nude friendly, it’s anything but. In the fact the first time I ever skinny-dipped with a woman was in North Carolina–at her suggestion. I’m a guy who used to have trouble controlling himself while watching “Petticoat Junction” on TV.

As for photography, with digital cameras now everywhere I can almost guarantee that if you go to a nude beach you’ll appear in someone else’s camera (and no doubt eventually online). That’s just how it is these days (and was behind our “Tweet Yourself Nude”folly following the Anthony Wiener debacle–over eight thousand complied before Twitter got on to us). As for subject matter, one of my favorites concerns “nudist changing on the beach.” In other words, when you arrive or depart, you’re either removing or putting back on your street clothes. Some women are very artful in how they do it  .

There’s a southern mystic with girls, of the region, an easy charm and sweet manner that, when naked or topless on a beach, can be utterly disarming. The conservative tone you often associate with southern women is sometimes hard to manage emotionally–their nudity doesn’t change their usual formality.

If beaches aren’t available or nearby, there’s always the backyard. There are a surprising number of searches online for “backyard nude sunbathing” and I admit is it a bit intriguing, especially when you’re taking a neighborhood and pass by a practitioner (I’m tall so fences don’t necessarily guarantee privacy).

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