Nudists Lifestyles

Isn’t Nudism Great?

“When I think of it, there are few things I’d rather do on my weekends than hangout with a bunch of naked people playing on a beach, which is the simple fact about nudism: It’s all about social nudity. When my wife and I first experimented with nudism we were a little hesitant that first time we stripped down (on Haulover Beach, Florida). Imagine, if you’ve never done so before, standing on a crowded public beach and taking your suit off. It’s quite a rush. But what’s amazing is how quickly you get used to it. There you are dangling for the whole world to see and no one points a finger at you–or gasps. It’s a tremendous relief…”

Teen Nudists In Nature

Often the first time we find ourselves naked with the opposite sex is outside in nature. We didn’t call it “nudism,” but we knew it was something we’d like to repeat. And often.

Naked In Mexico

It’s not all guns and tortillas down there–Zipote, Mexico is a haven for counter-culture enthusiasts, including lots of American teens who wear the warm and sea literally (and nothing else).

Nudist Corp The Nude Review

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