Euro Nudism

Nudism Broadly Defined

A Swiss teenager sunbathing nude on the family terrace (above) while overlooking the bucolic countryside offers an idealized image of liberty–the freedom to be comfortably nude within the midst of family to enjoy a sun-drenched afternoon. It’s in fact not unusual while walking a suburban street or alpine meadow to see evidence of the prevailing body freedom spirit Europeans so avidly embrace.

Nudist Camps & Resorts

Nude beaches are familiar enough to us, but not the Euro practice of 24/7 nudism which stretches to include entire villages, and doing in the buff the quotidian tasks associated with, well, wearing clothes. “Shopping for groceries nude is a little weird,” says one American newbie to the scene. (It’s even a little weird if you’re a long-time nudist.)

The Croatian Coast

Even in Tito’s time there were nudists. Now there are a lot more. The Croatian coast is now a destination of choice for many Europeans and Americans seeking au naturel vacations. Renting a boat is just one way to have one.

The Nude Review

Nudist Camps

You’ll Adapt In No Time
The idea of spending a holiday completely nude (as in twenty-four hour nudity) in mixed company (both gender and age) strikes some as a bit “out there,” while for many Europeans it’s just a splendid way to enjoy their extended summer holidays (typically four weeks). While cutting down on laundry expenses it’s also a great way to mingle and make new friends. If it sounds a little intimidating don’t worry–you’ll adapt in no time.

Nudist Hiking

Have you ever taken your clothes off in the woods and run around with a silly grin on your face? No? You should give it a try. There’s strong evidence it’s becoming very popular.

The Nudist Impulse

Capturing those moments of transition from “clothed” to “nudist.”

The Nude Review


Nudist Music Video by Ton Dou

Genuine naturist’s are brave and brilliant and regardless of their ancestry or national origin
are connected to me like spiritual cousins.
We’re age old and there are more of us than anyone will ever know!  I hope to contribute an
art form we can openly and publicly share.

If my Nudist Music and Nudist Music Videos make mainstream media and have their day in
the sun, healthy, positive growth will follow!

My Lyrics and Footage depicting the normal day to day routines and activities of naturist’s
would be enlightening and encouraging!

My projects reflect the core values of genuine naturism and may heighten the level
of awareness and acceptance worldwide!

I endeavor to be a notable musical voice that exemplifies what genuine naturist’s are and feel
and serves as a common denominator for us all.


Teen Nudism


Summer Review

Of course if you’ve read this blog before you’re aware of our admiration for young nudists, as well as how silly we feel admitting, as grownups, that we even look. What’s a mature man of fifty even doing looking at nudist photos? Yes, that’s a rhetorical question–we look because we enjoying seeing natural naked beauty, a truism I pray holds until my last wheezing breath. (“Teen Nudism 2011”)

Euro Nudists

As the season nears an end in the north, Europeans enjoy one final burst of nudist recreation (mainly beach going), from Norway’s fiords to the Greek isles.

Topless Summer

Each year a new crop of American tourists discover the joys of topless sunbathing on European public beaches (and even in city parks). By tourists we of course mean young travelers. There’s something about still somewhat “milky” bosoms getting their first exposure to heavy sunlight that we find appealing.

The Nude Review

Average Nudists

Danish Girls On Vacation

Writing on a nudism blog (as a fellow Nudist Bare) and just stating the facts often involves feelings of guilt (as if I were behaving pruriently). But mentioning the context of a photograph (“teens,” “family nudists,” etc.) frequently means employing terms used to entice the unwary surfer (“Family nudists on vacation,” “Young nudists in Europe”). In the present case, eight Danish girls recently rented a house on Ibiza and, upon arrival, disrobed for a week of living “as nature may have intended,” (according to one of them). If you’ve been to Ibiza you’re aware that nudity is no big deal. If you haven’t made it there, or if you spent your summer in a cubicle in downtown Chicago, you might think it is indeed a big deal and worthy of a little journalistic inquiry (including lots of photography). This would be for you. (“Euro Nudism: Danes On Vacation”)

Average Nudists

What do average nudists look like? Or more specifically, would you like to look at them? As with the general population at large, nudists come in all shapes and sizes. Spend time on any nudist beach and this is one of the first things you notice. Do we focus on average nudists, or cherry pick among submissions for the most attractive? The answer is we do not, but we do tend to eliminate the obese and the excessively “decorated” (tattooed, pierced, weird). With what’s left we find that “average” tends to be people like us–relatively fit, somewhat health conscious–people that more or less look normal who aren’t sating their inner-child or psychic wounds with drugs, alcohol or pudding. I bring this all up because in the above photograph the girl is “a little heavy” (an intern’s comment). I emailed back, “Perhaps a little, but she looks very happy.” More to the point, she looks like someone I might like to know and chat with. I think that’s the real point–are these people I’d enjoy spending time with?

Naked Baja

More Americans are braving the bad press and heading to Baja’s sparsely populated beaches for a little “body freedom.” Sticking thematically with “average nudists,” this young Californian typifies the type of youth that embraces nudism around the world. The fact is, the young who participate do seem to be fit and by default, very pleasing to the eye. That’s just a fact. (“Mexican Nudism: Who’d A Thought?”) AEMobley

The Nude Review