Euro Nudism

Nudism Broadly Defined

A Swiss teenager sunbathing nude on the family terrace (above) while overlooking the bucolic countryside offers an idealized image of liberty–the freedom to be comfortably nude within the midst of family to enjoy a sun-drenched afternoon. It’s in fact not unusual while walking a suburban street or alpine meadow to see evidence of the prevailing body freedom spirit Europeans so avidly embrace.

Nudist Camps & Resorts

Nude beaches are familiar enough to us, but not the Euro practice of 24/7 nudism which stretches to include entire villages, and doing in the buff the quotidian tasks associated with, well, wearing clothes. “Shopping for groceries nude is a little weird,” says one American newbie to the scene. (It’s even a little weird if you’re a long-time nudist.)

The Croatian Coast

Even in Tito’s time there were nudists. Now there are a lot more. The Croatian coast is now a destination of choice for many Europeans and Americans seeking au naturel vacations. Renting a boat is just one way to have one.

The Nude Review

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