Nudist Life

Nudist Beaches
Eastern Europe

Perhaps forty percent of all nudist photography originates from the former Eastern Bloc. Why is that? We think it’s because during hard times (and let’s admit, the communist era was one long slog of a hard time) people look for affordable recreation. It turns out nudism is cheap. We’re glad it stuck.

What Do Women Think Of Nudist Men’s Stuff?

It’s an interesting question (and yes, it crosses every man’s mind whose stood on a nude beach). It turns out they’re somewhat fascinated and often titillated by what they see, depending on circumstances and of course their preferences (cut, uncut, lean, etc.). There’s even an “exact geometry” (which is noted somewhere in this blog) that they like to ogle just as men like seeing their preferred statistical arrangement on the other sex. So, who is objectifying whom? It looks like it goes both ways.

Nudist Fondling & Etiquette

On a textile beach you’ll see couples in love noodling on their beach towels or frolicking in the surf in an intimate and friendly way. When it translates to a nudist beach (where admittedly, obstacles are less of an issue) does it mean folks should exhibit a little more reserve? Well, no. In either case it’s a perfectly wholesome means of enjoying life

The Nude Review

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