Candid Euro Nudity & Nudism

How Do You Get A European Naked? Just Give Them A Warm Day And Some Sunshine

Europeans (today’s theme it seems) are not shy when it comes to enjoying warm weather with very little in the way of clothing. When Americans run naked around the house and garden it’s still a bit unusual, while for Europeans it’s business as usual. We admire their unabashed joie de vivre. (“Eurostyle Candid Home Nudity”)

Nudity In Munich’s City Parks

Strolling a city park anywhere in Europe usually means witnessing couples in steamy embrace, topless sunbathing (or simply in their bras during office breaks–really) and in Munich it can include total nudity (as well as in parks in Berlin, Hamburg and elsewhere). Being naked must be second nature to Germans. Well, of course it is. (“Public Nudity In Germany”)

In My Room

We’ve often featured American teens at home enjoying the privacy of their bedrooms wherein fantasy and reality may collide unobserved (well, except in this digital age). European teens have similar proclivities. (“Candid Euro Teen Nudity At Home”) Ed.

Candid Nudist The Nude Review

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