Nudist Wives

Naked Honeymoon


It was unintentional, as we didn’t know our booked couple’s resort had a clothing optional beach for guests. Needless to say it was more popular than the textile-only beach. What I wasn’t prepared for was the enthusiasm expressed by my very new, late twenty-something wife. “Should we go? Will you mind?” I frankly didn’t know, and not until the next morning when we nervously “sampled” the nude beach did I realize I must have been harboring a latent nudist gene all along. Plus having my beautiful new wife ambulating in the strange crowd totally naked gave an extraordinary boost to our other honeymoon activities

My Thirty-Something Wife

If you want to rekindle everything you ever felt about your wife when you first met, take her to a nudist beach resort. If she’s a good sport, take a lot of pictures. You’ll be surprised at how much it revives your affection, if you know what I mean.

Adults Only Resorts

What’s it like to descend with a group of close friends on a clothing optional, all-inclusive resort in the tropics? Upon arrival, do you undress in the lobby? (some people really wonder about this–at Hedonism II, yes, if you want. At other resorts you can wait until you get to your room). Does it lead to couples getting intimate in a swinger kind of way? (depends on the resort. If you’re just there for the nudism you’ll be left alone to enjoy it). And exactly for whom are those pictures being taken? You’d be surprised how happily they tend to be shared weeks later with friends who didn’t attend (usually after the fifth round of cocktails). Also, a lot of them end up here.

A Little Too Much Fun?

One women reported that she had never seen a woman perform fellatio on another human being (as opposed to what, exactly? Oh, never mind) until she got to Hedonism II. She was simply looking for a nudist experience, not a re-enactment of Caligula). Its anything goes policy is favored by a few repeat offenders (groups that plan their Hedo breaks all year), and there’s usually one or two of them in attendance at any time of year. To say the least, it makes for good people watching. And of course what happens at Hedo stays at Hedo, though occasionally that might require a follow-up course of penicillin.

The Nude Review

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