Nudist Living

Comfortable In Their Own Skin

We’ve very deliberately included near-nudity as well as full nudity in the scheme of both Nudist House and Candid Nudity. It gives us such a broaded horizon for appreciating our expanded view of Body Freedom. Being comfortable in one’s underwear involves nearly the same ease and lack of modesty (if not more in some cases) that permits people to practice nudism, whether at home or in nudist environments. So, that explains the partial nudity above. In some minds this is even more provocative of the senses than a simple nude.

Hanging Out Naked With Your Mate

One of our first pictorials was labeled “Sunday Mornings,” which fit the presented imagery of couples lying around naked during a lazy weekend. It still fits. Those times when couples are alone and can just read papers and magazines in bed (or of course nowadays that means iPads and Kindles) are pleasant examples of “living nude.”


Having an opposite sex roommate who walks around naked reminds me of the Harrad Experiment (often mentioned here), published back when coed dorms were just getting started. The idea of being assigned a girl for a roommate was almost too much to handle. When it happens for real there’s much less motivation to get out of the house.

The Nude Review

Uma consideração sobre “Nudist Living”

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