Naked Holidays

EndTimes is an independent Theater/Film Production Company founded in New York City in 2006.


Since then, EndTimes has produced 8 Full-Length Productions, and over 100 short plays, involving the talents of almost 300 theater artists. The company has performed in the New York, San Francisco, and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, winning top honors for Best Production, Best Director, and Best Ensemble at the San Francisco Fringe Festival in 2008 for William Whitehursts Knuckleball, and again in 2009 for Mark Borkowskis The Godling. EndTimes also won the Best Production award in 2010 for its presentation of Jamie Kings TMZTV at the Shortened Attention Span Festival. EndTimes has been widely featured in various publications, including, Time Out New York, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, and

EndTimes focuses on work that is dark and satiric, with an underlying element of social commentary. Incorporating dance, music, vaudeville, and comedy, we produce high-energy, entertaining theater that is aimed at a wider audience than more traditional forms. Drawing for inspiration from sources as varied as the Marx Brothers, Alice Cooper, Robert Anton Wilson, Del Close, the Annoyance, and George Romero, EndTimes merges popular forms with the ancient tradition of live performance to create a theater experience that is appealing and accessible to modern audiences.

Naked Holidays NYC was first produced in 2007 as a one-off production, at the invitation of the Gene Frankel Theater.  We had such a good time doing it, and the audience response, and later critical response, was so positive, that were now into our 5th annual edition.  Naked Holidays NYC has become a beloved New York holiday season institution; a fun-loving, hard-drinking, satiric counterpoint to Radio City (to which the show has been compared favorably by Time Out New York).  NHNYC puts the pagan revelry back into the holiday season with new sketches, musical numbers, and yes, naked people, every year, in what both the Huffington Post and the New York Times have called one of the raciest, raunchiest, and funniest adult-themed holiday shows in town.

This year Naked Holidays NYC moves out of its downtown home, and into heart of the Times Square theater district.  This means we need to step up our game, and provide to our amazingly talented cast of crazies, and to our audiences, the kind of props, costumes (yes, there are costumes, lots of them), and overall production values that they deserve.  Planned production numbers this year include an all-drag version of Santa Baby, a very Naked Holidays rendition of The First Noel, and a version of Carol of the Bells, thats gonna require a lot of hand chimes, suspended from a very delicate area.  To properly costume, and execute these numbers, and all of the other planned sketches, and interludes costs thousands, and thousands of dollars.  With 20 actors, and 10 people on staff and crew, the payroll for Naked Holidays is also enormous.  Without a successful IndieGoGo campaign, we may have to cut numbers, ideas, and staff, making the entire show much smaller-scale, and less than the total anti-holiday holiday extravaganza that we deliver every year with some help from our friends.    

Candid Nudists

In Nature


Teen Nudists In Nature
When is the last time you were invited to join some teenagers in the woods for some carefree fun? It’s been a while for me too, and I doubt very much an invitation is on the horizon (being forty-eight is an impediment). So, the next best thing would be documentary evidence of such gatherings, preferably with lots of pictures and video. Thanks to our digital age it exists in abundance

Candid Nudists
What goes on at nudist beaches is pretty much the same as what goes on at textile beaches. People read magazines, loose-limb folks sun themselves, eat snacks, apply lotion, play volleyball. On a nudist beach, however, it’s much harder to read. The lack of actual page turning is a good indication.

Candid Near Nudity

Leaning more toward simply “candid” and away from traditional nudism is the more private aspect of couples getting more familiar with each other while off in the countryside, say having a picnic. A lot of us have our first experiences with other-sex nudity on such adventures, usually “in the woods” somewhere near where we lived. It feels silly to write about years later, but my first encounter with a girl in her underwear outdoors somewhere registers in memory alongside Sputnik and the Kennedy assassination.

The Nude Review

Nudist Bares

Naked Adventures


Naked Adventures In Mexico
Nudist Bare Sharon (of the San Diego group) spent an entire week with friends living completely au naturel on desolate Baja, Mexico beaches while the rest of us were shivering and paying homage to the recent holiday. “It gets chilly at night but the days are hot and the beaches entirely empty. Taking a couple mile walk completely nude (and out of mad-dash range) is a very exciting thing to do, and we did it a lot.” Of course they’re were mishaps. It wouldn’t be a good Mexican trip without one.

Family Nudism In France

What’s most boggling about the French is how they manage to carry on so elegantly and in such a cultured fashion even when they’re stark raving nude. It’s makes you feel under dressed even when you’re supposed to be. How does that work? More startling are the family resorts, where packs of teen carry on as if they’re at a school dance. Imagine your last school dance and you’ll know what I mean. If you don’t, think of being flirty, and being flirted with, while you’re nude. Challenging to say the least.

Solo Adventures In Nudism

Yes, single women do inhabit nudist beaches and here’s an astonishing fact–they feel safer and less bothered around other nudists than they do on textile beaches. “I can sit naked all day on Black’s Beach and not be hit on once. But if I feel like meeting anyone or joining in a volleyball game, there’s no weirdness there, which you might think there would be because you’re naked. What it really feels like is a tribal thing. It’s like going to a support group meeting. Everyone is very warm and welcoming.

The nude Review