Naked And Without Taboo

Al desnudo y sin tabú

Totally independent online program. Directed by Maurice Produced by Daniel Menendez and Lagarini. When born naked and without taboo to show the reality of the Chilean and laugh in the face of abuse, the last country in the world.

Visit us and join the revolution nudist from the bar “Libido” in Bellavista.

Paleo Nudism

Communal Nudism Begins

With Body Acceptance
Visit any legitimate nudist site and you’ll somewhere read that nudism is about “body acceptance” or “body freedom.” We’re all for that but that’s hardly the whole story. While nudism is inherently wholesome and healthy, it is indeed sensual in a great many ways. Your personal response to being nude with strangers or friends isn’t entirely apple pie and sunshine–there’s a bit of internal stuff too that covers the spectrum from feeling a new variety of collectivism and belonging (“these are my people”) to “this is making me terribly excited” (in, you know, a very sensual way). If you’re imaging two worlds colliding you’re on the right track

Paleo Workshops

 If you’re not living under a rock (a fitting metaphor) you’re aware of the various Paleo movements out there (regarding diet and lifestyle) and, by a very wide margin, it’s proving to be a savior for many folks tired of all the rot and decay characteristic of life in this brand-new century. In fact the thrust of our philosophy all these years has been perfectly aligned with the Paleo movement, with shades of Taosim, Buddhism and few other philosophies thrown in.

You’re thinking, “What the hell?”

Well, the fact is nudism is very primal (or more accurately, its essence is “primal”). When we face each other and nature completely nude we’re stepping into a new relationship with the world around us. We’ve shed 10,000 years of civilization’s attempt to hide our bare bodies, an historical leap back to where many of us think mankind took a wrong turn, ultimately destroying his relationship with nature and a harmonious existence on the planet. The Paleo Movement attempts to correct course. Now, imagine a workshop that begins with shedding your clothes (for an entire week) that’s perfectly balanced gender-wise and living as close to primal as one can (in a warm climate of course). It opens your eyes to say the least.

Communal Nudism

Accepting one’s body begins early in Europe, where coed nudity and “body freedom” first gained acceptance (or “re-acceptance”). It’s startling for an American ill-accustomed to the idea of all-ages, mixed gender nudity at a community level (as in a town or village community pool, feature here), but one quickly adapts, which we think confirms how inherently natural nudism is, once we “cross the barrier.”

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Nude Boating, Swims, Nights

Why Bother With Suits?

Updated (Sun Galleries): Boat owners know that high-seas privacy is next to non-existent. Close quarters means even changing for bed or for a dip often involves public displays of transitional nudity–so why worry about it? Some don’t, and go nude all the way. Even families.

Nude Swim Clubs

Though not great in number, they exist, such as Seattle’s once-a-week nude swim club with over 200 active members (about evenly split between genders, and the pool’s busiest night). There are always backyard pools for those living elsewhere

Owning The Night

Teens seem to be the least inhibited when it comes to goofing off nude, or nearly so, and summer nights means this sort of diversion is “high.”

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