Nudist Houses & Cabins

Nudist House


It may not technically be a “nudist” house just because its inhabitants walk around nude in it. Of course we all do that, at least in some portions of the home. What about the midnight dash to the fridge in the buff? Okay, that’s not nudist but involves a bit of that nudist tingle we so enjoy. What were trying to say is, yes, we know Nudist House in some cases involves a very liberal interpretation of nudism. But who really cares? 

Lake Cabin Nudity

Though the season is coming to an end, there’s still some Indian Summer yet to fill those family lake cabins for a few more weekends. 

Sleepover Nudity & Near Nudity 

The spirit that permits comfortable communal nudity has another aspect we enjoy celebrating. Often when relatives or friends spend the night or visit vacation homes, accommodations are tight, and expectations for privacy often diminished. Going with the flow often provokes a Kodak moment or two (particularly with cell phone cameras). Why not celebrate the samples that evoke the spirit of body freedom that aren’t entirely nude? 

The Nude Review


Clean Fun

Bath & Beyond


There’s a look of playful defeat in “gotcha” candid photography that mimics the Mona Lisa (I hope that’s not reaching too far). It’s a smile of consensual submission–“Okay, you got me, click away.” Showers, baths offer perfect opportunities. When the subject is cooperative, seemingly pleased to be worthy of a digital moment, it definitely adds something. “Do you can care if I post it? You don’t?” Well, there’s Freud all over those feelings that rush in like a freight train. 

Teens Showering

 We can often credit mischievous little brothers for their digital handiwork. Also, boyfriends, operating from a level of heightened pride. (Just check their cell phone picture files). 

Nudity Not Rude At Home

After a mother complained to police about her family being able to see Palmerston Deputy Mayor Geoff Carter nuding up in his house, many people told NT News they are happy to go regularly naked at home.


But most people, and the law, agreed that nudity should be out of the public eye.

Father-of-three Phil Denson, 28 (pictured above), of Brinkin said “naturism” is healthy because his kids Flynn, 3, Mars, 1, and Safari Jewel, one week old, will worry less about body image.

“So the kids don’t grow up thinking there’s only what they see in magazines,” he told the NT News. “It doesn’t have to be a sex thing, it’s just a comfort thing.

“And there’s less washing to do.

“But even when we take them to school the teachers say Flynn always seems to lose his pants.”

But Mr Denson said his offspring and wife Anna make sure they wear clothes in public view.

“Friends usually ring before calling over,” he said.

Mike Foley, 72, has streaked at iconic spots in more than 20 countries. The Darwin musician penned The International Streaker in 1974 and is now on a streaking holiday in New Zealand.

He most recently streaked on a skateboard at sunrise in front of Mount Maunganui on Wednesday. His wife Kay takes the photos and he sells a charity calendar of his antics for Variety NT each year.

“I know we live in 2012, but I’m opposed to anything that would be seen to offend kids,” he told NT News.

“If they’re going to get their clothes off, they’ve got to be serious, if they get caught, it serves them right.”

Top End Naturist Recreation Retreat owner Jean Paar, 62, who runs the year-round, 100-acre operation in Darwin River is unsympathetic to Mr Carter.

“If he got caught he deserved to get caught,” she told NT News, while she was starkers.

“When we lived in the city we had to be discreet”

There is a prison term of six months, a $2000 fine, or both, for a person convicted of exposure in view of a public place.


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